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We’re now in the season where the fiftieth (“pentekoste”) count after Wavesheaf Day is here and we’re coming together to worship during our special “Moed”, or  appointment with God, called Pentecost.  In the Old Testament it was called Shavuot in Hebrew, meaning weeks, for 7 sabbaths of weeks had elapsed plus the next day = 50th

Be sure to hear the special sermon about what Pentecost is all about – the birth of the new covenant church as they were filled with God’s presence, the downpayment of God’s promise to see us to the end, giving us of his very own nature and of himself, and remembering the wedding to Israel and the giving of the Law to Israel.  As firstfruits of God’s calling, surely this is also going to be when the King puts on a wedding for his Son and the Bride, and comes to visit with the guests (Matthew 22:1-5). Pentecost – so rich with meaning, so powerful, such a blessed day! 

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Recent Blogs

23 May 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
I thought it might be useful to many of you to have links posted to Pentecost-type messages.  Sermons that touch on our calling, God’s Holy Spirit, bearing fruit of the Spirit,  the Meaning of Pentecost and so on… so here they are. Just cli...
09 April 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
Psalm 22 is one of the profound Messianic prophecies, fulfilled by Yeshua (Jesus) in so many details, especially while he was being crucified. Embedded in this breath-taking psalm is verse 6, which is loaded with truth that most of us read right...
08 April 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
We finished Passover -- washed each other’s feet, broke and ate the bread of Christ – and we drank of the Master’s cup of the new covenant. Now what? We know the day is coming when Jesus will say to faithful servants, “Well done…” (Matthew 25:21...
07 April 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
In our fellowship group, we wash feet at Passover, as Yeshua washed his disciples’ feet. He said basically, “You’ve seen me, your lord and master wash your feet. Now you remember that – and be sure you are willing to wash each other’s feet too.”So yo...
02 April 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
Editor’s notes: I’m honored to introduce a new contributor to Light on the Rock blogs. Samantha Skiens is a graduate of Wheaton College with 2 degrees in Bible Theology and Ancient Languages with emphasis in Hebrew.  She currently teaches Bible ...