Please view part 1 first. God has an exciting dream for our lives, better than we can imagine. You and I are being “finished” into the perfect image of his Son, Jesus Christ. But too often we get down on how we’re doing spiritually. But the battle is not ours, “but the Lord’s”. Plus, I sense too many believers either get depressed over their own imperfections – or are jaded and bored. I pray this message will rekindle the “fire” in your heart and open up the JOY of God’s salvation for you. Learn who guarantees to finish the task he started in you – and how and when that happens. What role does suffering play? Can certain sins ever be overcome? Learn the exciting truth.
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Sunday, 02 July 2023
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Two great sermons on perfection Phil! Yes, in glory we will be perfect. But it's Christ's perfectness that God will see when He looks at us on judgment day. We could never be perfect ourselves. But in the mean time, here on earth we are to strive to please God. (1 These. 4:1) And as God works in us, we respond by working out our salvation,(growing in Christ)(Phil. 2:12-13) Your sermons always bless us. Keep up the good work.
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