Originally given Sept 2021, reposted Sept 2023. God's holydays are like a key that unlocks His plan of salvation for mankind and they each point to our Savior Jesus Christ. This message gives an overview of each festival through Trumpets, with emphasis on Pentecost and Trumpets. Part 2 will be focused on the last three holydays in the Fall after Trumpets. When does the resurrection to eternal life happen – on Pentecost or Trumpets? So what happens on the Feast of Blasts (often translated “Trumpets”)? Listening to this message will help you get geared up and ready for the fall Feasts that are here and excited about what lies ahead of us. Trumpets/Yom Teruah. More sermons to come on the remaining holy days.
Duration:57 mins 24 secs


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Tuesday, 12 December 2023
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Hallelu Yah! This sermon has opened my mind.
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