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As I write this, God’s exciting four Fall holydays are upon us, starting with Yom Teruah, known as the Feast of Trumpets, and the Jews call it Rosh Hosannah  – their new year. Yom Teruah, the Day of blasts/shouting marks this the day of scores of shofar blasts from the ram’s horn, as well as the silver trumpets used on all the holy days of God (Numbers 10:10). 

Please be reading upcoming holydays-oriented blogs and sermons that will be showing up from Sept 26 to end of October. I have also just concluded 2 sermons on keeping Sabbath holy, and 2 on Tithing, a topic which has been sorely misunderstood and explained incorrectly by so many. I hope you will study all these recent lessons and teachings.

Don’t be caught off guard. Be ready for the Fall holydays. 

And thank you for sharing our website with others and for your support. Philip Shields, host and founder

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24 September 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
The New Covenant differs from the Old Covenant in many different ways, and I have sermons about the glorious New Covenant I’ve also recorded sermons recently on tithing, as the Bible teaches it.  I believe in tithing and stated so several times ...
09 September 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
(Note: you can see the whole verse by just hovering with your mouse over the scripture). There’s a lot of interest about the “mark of the Beast” of Revelation. And so there should be! EVERYONE in the whole world – at some point – will either have to ...
13 August 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
Jesus the Savior said in John 6:44 something well known to many of you who come to this website. But the reason I’m writing on it, is that this statement by Jesus is SO misunderstood and SO misapplied by so many.  John 6:44  “No one can com...
05 August 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
As you may know, I have recorded two sermons recently (Aug 2022) about keeping God’s holy sabbath holy, set-apart, special, and different from all the other days of the week. I hope you’ll watch those 2 video sermons. I really felt the body of Christ...
30 July 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
During Jesus’ “last supper”, he gave a new commandment to his disciples as an identifying sign that they indeed were HIS disciples. John 13:34-35  -- “A NEW commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also...

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