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We’re in the season of Pentecost, May 16 this year – 50 days after the Wavesheaf offering picturing our Lord and Savior Yeshua, the Son of God (Jesus the Christ) – being accepted on behalf of us all who are being called as firstfruits at this time. Pentecost, its New Testament name, was the firstfruits of the wheat harvest. In the Old Testament it is called Feast of Weeks (Deut. 16:9-12), Shavuot in Hebrew. It also was Day of Firstfruits (Numbers 28:26) to celebrate the end of the wheat harvest. Seven sabbaths are counted from Wavesheaf + 1 day – hence Pentecost (50).  We do not accept or follow the Sivan 6 set date used by Jews in their Shavuot services. Majority of Jews totally ignore this holy day. It’s one of the 3 pilgrimage feasts and one on which there is to be a rest, a holy convocation and the holyday offering presented to God.

Use the Search bar, type in: Pentecost, Holy Spirit, Wedding of the Lamb, First fruits, Fruit of the Spirit, Ruth – and you’ll find many Pentecost sermons. I’m among a very few who also believe this will be when the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and his Bride will happen, just as God married Israel on Pentecost at Mt. Sinai. The book of Ruth is read traditionally, who was also married around Pentecost to her “go-el” Redeemer, Boaz – picturing our Master Yeshua.

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06 May 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
I just watched a series of videos of our young American soldiers coming home – surprising their moms, who didn’t know they were there.  I’ve seen a few of those, and they always make me cry.  Thank God for moms.  Thank God for you wome...
17 April 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
You all know this verse where Yeshua (Jesus) is speaking to his very own followers and disciples and says this:  Matthew 7:15-16 "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know...
15 April 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
We know God loves to bless people. He even sends rain on the just and unjust. He just loves blessing as much as he can. One blessing we receive, for example, is his patience and longsuffering – even giving mankind centuries sometimes to repent before...
01 April 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
Let me get right to the point.  Over the many years in the Church of God and its subsequent branches, I was taught – and I even taught – this about unleavened bread: ** Leavening pictures sin and so that is why we put it out. (True, but leavenin...
26 March 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
As we prepare for Passover and the days of Unleavened Bread, and examine ourselves so we take the Passover in a worthy manner, I hope all of us are focusing on a few things I’ll hi-lite here. Please take time to personally review each scripture in yo...