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The feasts are over until next spring when Passover comes again. A lot is happening in the world and in our country. We’re heading downhill fast in our nation and frankly that’s true for most of the world. End-time prophecies are unique this time around as they’re all converging at the same time. But instead of feeling fear and depression from all the unrighteousness we see, yes – we “sigh and cry” as Ezek 9 says – but we also rejoice in knowing it means our king’s return is also drawing nigh. See message on how we are reacting to world events.

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21 January 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
Foundation for the Beast system being laid Many of us have pondered scriptures in Revelation 13 and have wondered what they could mean or how the Beast system could forbid anyone to buy or sell.  Certainly it appears we’re watching the groundwor...
06 January 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
Instead of my own blog and own ideas, this week I feel strongly I wanted you all to be aware of a very strong message from Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic rabbi who speaks often on end time events. Some of you may have heard and watched this already, but ...
17 December 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
  If practiced, this blog and the sermon tied to it -- will change your life. When we think of Romans 8:28, we think of it as something we’ll realize in the future.  “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God ...
15 December 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
It’s happening right before our eyes but I haven’t heard others mention it yet.  Jesus gave a lot of signs that He said would help us recognize we’re in the last generation before Christ returns. You have heard of all these signs in Matthew 24 a...
24 November 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
The more we dive into God’s word, the more surprises there are. Big stuff, little stuff, but always interesting. So many “hidden gems” within scripture. You may or may not realize that the Ten Patriarchs from Adam to Noah  -- spanning a time per...

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