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PERFECTION.  Sigh …. Will we ever get there?  Be watching for the sermon on perfection in the audio sermons this month, as I focus on this crucial topic. We’re called to perfection, but we are such imperfect creatures. HOW will we ever be perfect – as we surely shall be. Are any of us perfect now? What does perfection mean in the Greek? I hope you find these topics thought provoking. 

We’ll also continue some end-time sermons, God willing – like WHEN can we expect the return of our Messiah?  So be watching. Please tell others about this site. Check out the blogs, audio sermons and video sermons as we’re updating them all, and there are hundreds of videos, sermons and blogs. God bless you all. 

Host – Philip W. Shields   

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Recent Blogs

25 July 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
Most people believe it took Noah 120 years to build the ark. Today’s blog may surprise some of you. And many people think Noah’s 3 sons helped him build the ark, right from the get go. Keep reading. More surprises are in store for many of you. One po...
16 July 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
I believe there are a lot of misconceptions on what the Son of God – Yeshua, or in English we say Jesus – was really like, what he would say, or how he would react in some circumstances. This blog may surprise you. I posted it first a few years ago, ...
10 July 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
One of the best known “Bible stories” is David and Goliath, the giant from Gath, of the Philistines. When we were at “the Jerusalem Dig” in Israel in 1973, our group made a trip to the Valley of Elah, where the David vs. Goliath battle happened. I wa...
03 July 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
I’m often asked to give prophetic sermons on exactly who the powerful duo working together will be – the Beast and the False Prophet. I’ve given sermons lately on steps to keep from ever being deceived by them or taking their mark on your hand or for...
26 June 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
Cybercrime is real. Municipalities, corporations, government agencies and people just like you can get viruses, malware and even ransomware. Ransomware is particularly dangerous in that it encrypts all of your data so it can’t be opened or read. Vict...