Our Mission

Our focus with Light on the Rock (LOTR) originally was just a Scriptural study resource for children of God who have internet access around the world. But since then, whole groups of many hundreds of people especially in several countries of Africa, are aligning with LOTR. So though I never originally thought of LOTR as being a church organization, it seems that we’re having to move in that direction now in 2024 as so many groups of people want that personalized instruction and mentoring every sabbath. So, in Africa, we’re working to be registered with the required governments as “Light on the Rock Ministries, 7th Day”.

We are also a non-profit Foundation. Our aim is to be led by God’s Spirit in all we do, and to help God’s children, all who are being called by Him to:

  • Come to intimately know God the Father and His Son, whom He sent. Jesus - Yeshua -- Himself defined this knowing relationship as “eternal life”. See John 17:3. Paul said this was also his quest (Phil. 3:8-10), when he says “that I may know Him…” This is our quest also. We want the result of everything we do here to be people forming their own personal relationship with our dear God the Father and Yeshua His Son. We want people to go deeper than just believing in God or that he exists, but that He exists as love personified, as the real leader of his children in very intimate ways. We want people to fully absorb that God Almighty knows each of them and each of us personally by name and wants us to be saved spiritually.

  • Become one incredibly loving Body (John 13:34-35), one of the big signs of being true disciples. We do this by first becoming one in God and in Christ our Savior (John 17:20-23). Take steps to promote oneness in the Body of Christ, without overly regarding organizational walls and man-made boundaries and church groups. Father and Saviour will not be boxed in to our limiting concepts of what and who His church is. The true church is the Body of Christ with Christ as its head. I realize people will have preferences as to groups and speakers, but still, we want to encourage a more conciliatory dialogue and help stop the sniping and nastiness that can characterize groups claiming to all be God’s children. As children of YHVH, let’s help him beam with delight as He sees the way we interact, going forward. But this interaction can work only if each minister and member work together as parts of that one body as Romans 12 explains. We must cherish and esteem one another (Phil 2:3) in lowliness of mind or it will be hard to have the oneness of which I speak.

  • Acquaint people to a living God of true love, joy, peace, patience and kindness personified. The Fruit of the Spirit define and describe the Father we serve. God Most High – the Father – is sending His Son very soon to rule the world. We work hard to lead everyone to deep personal repentance and a seeking after God through Jesus Christ.

  • Proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. The gospel must include the good news about our Savior the King – AND of the amazing Kingdom of God comprised of all who are changed to glorious immortality (1 Cor. 15:48-53). Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God has always existed, and exists in heaven now, called “the Kingdom of Heaven”. Yeshua (Jesus), the Son of God, is the Door and Way into God’s kingdom, to anyone who answers His call everywhere (Matthew 28:19). Without the Messiah’s role, there would be no Kingdom of God for anyone currently a human being.  The complete Gospel should be GOOD news to all who will heed, who come to repentance and baptism and salvation.

  • Support worthy causes as funds allow. We do this through our foundation called “Light on the Rock Outreach Foundation” (LOTROF). Your contributions are vitally needed. Your support helps pay the costs of research materials, costs of maintaining this website, buying and maintaining recording equipment and supplies, hall rental or travel costs when needed to serve those responding to this site and any costs involved in getting the message of Father’s good news to the world. Your donations are badly needed to help buy Bibles in the ultra-poor parts of the world like Kenya and Tanzania – Bibles in their own language. We pay for the cost of our pastors in Africa visiting up to twenty towns or more with the gospel and show them ways how we at LOTR can help them learn more. Thank you for your contributions. We have decided not to get involved in 501(c)(3) and your highly appreciated contributions will not be considered federally tax-deductible contributions. I’m sure our spiritual forefathers didn’t get tax deductions either.  So yes, this operation takes money to continue and to allow us to help support needy sabbath-keeping fellowships abroad, and so we thank those of you who help keep this website going by your prayers and contributions. We’re constantly praying for more regular donors. Thank you.

  • Focus on restoring strong Spirit-led marriages and families, beginning with the families within the Church and then branching out to the whole world, God willing. Sharply reduce the number of divorces and remarriages by working on stronger spirit-led marriages. We focus on turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and vice versa.

  • Use the teachings of Holy Scripture to be the basis, foundation, and authority of everything you will hear and read on this website. Some of our teachings will bring out nuances that will surprise you. We are not seeking to support the teaching of any particular denomination or group. We only support what Scripture teaches.

  • Be flexible to seek - and quickly respond to -- the leading of God’s Spirit in all we do. We also seek to be responsive to your needs and requests for scriptural topics.

Philip Shields
Light on the Rock Outreach Foundation