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END-TIME events are heating up

Don’t be the frog in the heating pot of water

Wow, what can I say?  I just hope everyone who believes in our Messiah coming soon and looks for that day – can look past the horrible news of the last few days and months and look to our Redemption appearing in the clouds above us.

You all know the story of the frog in the pot of water that is gradually heating up.  Because the water doesn’t immediately start boiling, the frog gets used to the ever warmer water – until it finally is boiled alive. Sometimes I feel too many Christians are like that frog.  Prophetic world events are clearly heating up but I don’t see/hear many believers talking about it much. A few minutes on their Facebook pages show they’re much more interested in a thousand other things rather than on the return of the King of kings. 

Look at some of what’s been happening:

  • Our president refuses to follow strategies that would protect the nation. Instead he and his surrogates decide to empower ancient Persia with 100 billion dollars and an open path to their own nuclear bomb, plus the ballistic missile means to deliver them.  So much for supporting our real ally Israel – and for that matter, the Arab states who also oppose the agreement we made with Iran.  Remember, Iran is not Arab, though they are Shia Muslim.  There will be a race for more Mid-East states to own their own Bomb as well. Our President has just put the world into a much more dangerous situation.

  • Five black-robed lawyers decide that marriage can include same-sex couples, when the Almighty made them male and female in the beginning and very clearly disapproves of what we see going on today.  Yeshua told us that the last days would be as the days of Lot and Noah.
  • The descendants of Edom and Ishmael – traditional enemies of their relative Israel – continue to cause and spread unprecedented terror and horror throughout the Middle East.  We will see more and more of that same kind of terrorism right here in our country in the coming months and years.  
  • Anyone professing belief in Yeshua (Jesus) in the Muslim middle-east stands a high risk of being imprisoned (and abandoned by our President), beheaded, crucified, burned, tortured, sold into slavery, raped and killed.  Many continue to profess their belief in Yeshua - anyway.  Even if they believe differently than I do doctrinally, I salute them and pray for their strength and courage. Would you and I profess Him on pain of our own death?  

  • We’re seeing God, the Bible and the 10 commandments being kicked out of the public eye, out of the government, out of the schools and out of the military – while we give Korans and prayer mats to Muslims in our jails. We are no longer “one nation under God”.  Surely Yahweh will not continue to bless a nation that insults Him, his Word, and his law. 

  • We’ve lost the “pride of your power” as we try to “lead from the rear”.  Whaaat?  Nations are no longer afraid to thumb their noses at us. The world has become much more dangerous under our present leadership.

Click at the bottom right -- “Continue reading” – to learn a few more of the things we see happening as we come to end time leading to Christ’s return. How close are we? What should we be doing? 


  • Our economy and perceived financial strength is really just a house of cards. Watch for another major global economic stock market crash – perhaps as early as this Fall.  If not, it will come soon, and when it comes, it will be disastrous financially.  With the amount of foreign debt we owe, foreigners and even enemy countries are now calling the shots. The borrower is servant to the lender, remember.  Our habit of living badly in debt will come back to bite us horribly in the decade to come. 

  • We are downsizing our military to where we will not be able to respond to world crises in a rapid manner as before. Bases are closing. Forty thousand soldiers are being laid off. Our top commanders are being removed if they don't agree with the liberal leaders’ pronouncements.  All of this is putting our nation at risk. But most of all, we’re at risk for the way we are breaking God’s laws and going against His Way. 

  • I believe Yahweh has begun to remove his protective dome around this country – and we’ll see more and more terrorism hitting our own country.

  • The Supreme Court of the land has decided to not follow the laws, the constitution - -but to impose ideology. And this was supposed to be a majority conservative court still.

  • Our Congress has shown itself impotent against a renegade president, though the so-called conservatives have a strong majority in the House and also now carry the Senate.   

  • The radical liberal agenda is unmasking their total hatred for the traditional Judeo-Christian foundation of our country.  Liberal governments are making it dangerous to profess, confess, or practice your Biblically-based beliefs and lifestyle.  We’re seeing $100,000 fines against bakeries that refuse to cater to a homosexual wedding – where no such fine is levied against Muslim bakeries that likewise refuse to cater to homosexual weddings.  We see a President who participates in special meals and meetings with radical Muslims while denigrating conservatives “who rely on their God, their guns and their Bible”, or a quote close to that.

  • We see the police and law-and-order folks in our crowd being demeaned and attacked, with the direct blessing from the Department of “Justice” and the President’s office.  We see riots in support of those who would attack police.  We will continue to see the result of all of this:  a dramatic rise in crime, especially in big cities like New York, Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago.  Scripture prophesies the end time will be a very dangerous and violent time.

  • We continue to see the role of the family – and especially of fathers, diminished.  Too many children are being born into a home without a dad. They’re being raised without a strong loving hand of a Daddy. Dads (especially white dads) are being ridiculed everywhere I look – in movies, in commercials, in TV shows. They’re being portrayed as stupid and irrational in case after case. 

  • We’re seeing foreigners coming en masse into our country through the porous southern border.  On top of that, our president will bring in scores of thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria and elsewhere, while ignoring and refusing entry to the thousands of Christian refugees who need to leave the hell-hole of ISIS persecution. It is prophesied that the alien will take over our country and rise to the top in leadership of our nation.

  • Because we have forsaken our God as a nation, the curses of Deut 28 and Leviticus 26 are clearly happening.  If you haven’t read those chapters in a while, please do so.  It’s all happening before our very eyes. (Note:  I believe the USA and UK/Canada/Australia are descendants of Joseph – of Manasseh and Ephraim—of the Bible) We have a ways to go yet, but the stage is being set before our very eyes.


What should we do?  This is not a time for just having a lot of fun and partying.  It’s time to be fasting, praying, and seeing our God as never before. It’s a time to be praying for our nation, for our collective forgiveness – as Daniel did in Daniel 9.  It’s a time to be beseeching our Abba to be merciful to a nation that has forgotten him.  It’s important that we are separating the good from the bad in our lives.  When Abba looks upon you, he sees you drawing a clear line between the holy and unholy things in life. 

It’s time.  It’s time to be aware the pot of water is heating up – and it’s time for this frog to get out of the pot on to safer ground.  That safer ground is to be found under the wings of our dear Creator and Father.  Seek him with all your heart.  Pray several times a day. Study his word every single day.  Talk to others about our great Savior.  Spread the good news of our salvation through Christ and that He is coming back soon to rule this world.  And PRAY for God’s protective cover to be given especially over His children. Pray for protection. Carrying your own gun might make you feel safer, but real safety will be in your relationship with your Master. 

Though it’s simply prudent to take steps to get out of debt, to have a reserve fund that would pay for expenses for 5-6 months, and to have a pantry-full supply of food and water on hand – those things, including your home and land, can be confiscated.  Mark my word:  they will be someday. They won’t save you. But they’re prudent steps nonetheless in the short-term.  What will save you and me is our relationship with our Father and our Savior.  

I don’t think we’ll see Christ here in the next few years.  But it will be soon. And our own end could be a heartbeat away. So it is vital we be close to our Redeemer at all times. 

We’re watching the stage being set very carefully and completely for the end time events, right before our very eyes.  Let’s be fully awake, aware and doing all we can to be ready for whatever our dear Father leads us to do in His service in these end time years.  

The Stage for the very last days is being set.
Who have you invited into your home?

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Guest - Ruh Knight on Monday, 17 August 2015 20:04

WOW!! that's all so true. Thanks for sending this to me.Ruth

WOW!! that's all so true. Thanks for sending this to me.Ruth