We know God the Father set a plan in motion to save everyone who responded to his call and accepted the Son of God as Savior. Do we have a part in that plan? And yet we’re told we can’t be justified, set right with God, by our works (Rom. 3:22-28). What part do we play in our salvation? Can we be saved right now – or is it a lifelong process, culminating when Christ returns? Is being saved a one-time event, or a process? Is salvation conditional or unconditional? Find out in this Part 1 teaching.
Duration:56 mins 13 secs


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Wednesday, 24 May 2023
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Thanks so much for the teaching. I heard this teaching from our Church when Pastor Ondigo taught it. Most of what I have heard taught from last year in our congregation is here. May you receive blessing from the Lord for doing this good job Pastor Philip. Isaac Omondi-Kehancha, Kenya.
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