Do you have a dream? God has a dream for you! He is calling you to be in the First Resurrection, which is such a high calling. What does that mean? WHY is it called the “better resurrection” in Heb 11:35? WHO will be in that resurrection? I pray this teaching will re-excite God’s children to their high, high calling and help us protect and cherish it. I’ll also draw a connection to Pentecost. Especially if you need to be re-motivated in the things of God, this sermon is for you.
Duration:1 hr 10 mins 9 secs


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Monday, 28 August 2023
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I love this message, it is exciting, inspiring & motivating! Sermons like this help keep me focused on God & His plans for us, especially as this country & world seem to be under a growing dark cloud of evil. I know I will be going back to listen to it whenever I need a boost of motivation & inspiration.
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