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UN Resolution 2334 and prophecy

In the last days, perilous times shall come – so wrote the inspired apostle Paul (2 Timothy 3:1).  That’s especially true if you live in Israel, and especially now after Obama’s administration shamefully abstained from the vicious UN Security Council Resolution 2334. 

There are 5 nations that have veto power in the UN’s Security Council.  Any one of them who vetoes a resolution kills it from going forward.  USA has traditionally protected their little brother Israel from the hateful attacks of the UN by casting the supremely important veto vote for the past many decades.

But not this time.  USA abstained. That’s like being your little brother’s protector from the many neighborhood bullies that want him to cease to exist – and then in this most recent of attacks, we walk away and give our tacit blessing to the attack.  Sorry little brother.  Israel, we know there is a living God in heaven who is your true Protector, but still America, still President Obama, this was shameful.  And it was equally shameful for other members of the Council including New Zealand, UK and France to cast their votes against Israel as well.

When the entire Middle East is in flames, when Syria has killed over 600,000 of its own citizens in their war, when Iran is poised to own nuclear weapons of mass destruction, when ISIS is out there crucifying and burning Christians alive and beheading children and anyone they wish, when atrocities are happening in dozens of countries – including those on the Security Council – they pick on Israel.  More resolutions have been cast against Israel than all the rest of the nations combined.  Indeed Jerusalem has become a stumbling stone to the nations.

WHY was this vote so critical?  How does this set us up for prophecy being fulfilled especially in Jerusalem, which will be “ground zero” for the most climactic and intense future events (coming soon) the universe has ever seen? What does it mean for the coming administration?

Will it bode for peace – or more war?  Can 2017 be a year of terrible war against Israel?

It’s looking like 2017 may be a pivotal year.  The Balfour Declaration – which opened the door for there to be an Israel in the Middle East – was signed in 1917, exactly 100 years from 2017.  The Six Day War – which gave East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount back to Israel – was exactly 50 years ago from 2017.  And we’re coming up soon to 70 years since the official start of the new nation of Israel in Israel! 

Click on Continue reading to get a glimpse of what could be coming as a result of this shameful Resolution 2334.  

Rather than help promote peace, this disgraceful Resolution 2334 could herald more war.  It will be easier now for Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinians in general and the Muslim states around Israel to start another war. They will feel justified in doing so.  Why?

In a nutshell, this resolution gives credibility to the side that says Israel has no right to the West Bank (the land west of the Jordan River) – OR EVEN to EAST JERUSALEM, where the temple mount and Western Wall (Wailing Wall) are. 

It used to be that Israel could negotiate for peace by trading land for peace. This resolution dissolves that option!  If the UN and the world don't even acknowledge it is part of the land of Israel, what negotiating leverage does Israel have? Trading land for peace worked with Egypt when Israel gave up all the land back to Egypt that it captured in 1967 Six Day War.  But it didn’t work for the Gaza strip.  Israel forced its own Israeli citizens to get out of Gaza as it turned the Gaza strip back over to the Palestinians – and Hamas eventually.  What was the result?  Hamas rained down hundreds and hundreds of missiles and rockets on to Israel. Thank God they had their Iron Dome that prevented a catastrophe.  And thank God even MORE so, for answering thousands of prayers for Israel’s protection.

And remember: The Gaza strip was not a welcome place for Jews when it was given back to the Arabs.  Jews were forced out.  At least Israel lets Palestinians live in Israel.  If anyone is born in Israel, they are a Jewish citizen – including the “Palestinians” born there.  I have met dozens of them personally in my 2 trips to Israel. In the West Bank itself, there are as many Jews as Palestinians living there.  I also saw first-hand how Israel lets Arabs in Israel administer vast portions of land -- including the temple mount itself!!  And still – it’s ISRAEL who gets attacked by the UN. 

Whose land is it anyway?  Look at your Bible maps for the tribal distribution of land for the 12 tribes of Israel. What is now called “the West Bank” – and considered Palestinian by many anti-Israelis – was the land for the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim that God gave to Israel.  In fact, GOD gave Israel back then much of what is considered the nation of Jordan today!  Look at your Bible maps. The tribes of East Manasseh, Gad and Reuben are all EAST of the Jordan River. 

How about East Jerusalem?  Remember the UN resolution also states that East Jerusalem is NOT legally a part of Israel. How wrong, how shameful is that? East Jerusalem includes the area we know as the Mt of Olives, the Kidron Valley, the “city of David” – ancient Jebus conquered by Joab under David, as well as the temple site that King Solomon built. This is land given to Israel by God. This is land inhabited by Israelites since the days of Joshua – roughly 3,500 years ago.  Then there was a time of great punishment when God scattered Israel and the Jews, but some came back under Ezra and Nehemiah and others.  And since 1967, Jerusalem has been under Israeli control. 

Arabs in Jerusalem were preparing to flee after the 1967 war. They knew what they would do if they had won Israeli land – so they feared the same. But General Dayan gave them control of the Temple Mount as a goodwill gesture, much to the chagrin of orthodox Jews.

Prior to that, Arabs had torn up many of the graves and monuments of the Jewish cemeteries on the slope of the Mt of Olives, facing the temple mount.  They tore off the marble tops and used it in the hotels on top of the Mt of Olives. They used other parts of those grave monuments to build latrines for the Jordanian officers.  And then many of the opened graves were defiled even further with Arabs urinating and defecating in them.  The repair jobs to remove the stain of the Muslim desecration of Jewish cemeteries continue to this day. 

The West Bank has never been Palestinian-owned land anyway.  When Israel conquered it in 1967, it was a part of JORDAN.  Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula was a part of Egypt.  So Palestinians really have no historical claim to that land.

This resolution emboldens Hamas and Hezbollah.  If President-elect Trump tears up the Iranian nuclear agreement (not a treaty), that could embolden their surrogates – Hezbollah – to rain down thousands and thousands of sophisticated missiles (which they got from Iran). Hamas in Gaza – you know, those brave soldiers who hide their work in elementary schools and hospitals -- could also attack once more.

 I hope not. I hope instead there can be more peace.  But in the end, this resolution emboldens the enemies of Israel and gives them a sense that even America now is on their side.  Shame, shame on you -- President Obama. What a shame.  Scripture is clear: those who curse Israel will be cursed. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. 

Be watching and praying for Jerusalem.  Even more so, be watching your relationship with your Savior and your God.  That is the WATCHING we should be most diligent about: watching the state of our relationship. He will protect His people. Though perilous times are coming, remember our Savior also said, “These things I have spoken to you that in ME you might have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). 

Pray “thy kingdom come” as never before. Pray that you and our God Most High are close. Pray that you are a true child of God and live like you are, as you are led by the Holy Spirit. And if you are seeking the true God with all your heart, you will surely find him and you can be at peace, no matter what is going on all around you.  And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  You will prosper if you love Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6; Psalm 137:6-7). 

Isaiah 62:6-7 -- “I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night.  You who make mention of YHVH, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

With this abominable UN Resolution 2334 – we have to pray all the harder, all the more faithfully.

Come Lord Yeshua (Jesus).  May you establish your headquarters in Jerusalem soon with your Second Coming.  Our hearts beat with excitement longing to be with you, our Savior.

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