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Trusting in Trump – or God?

I find it very interesting to see and read the various Facebook gloatings and woeings (if there’s such a word) since the Trump election.  Some are so glad that Trump is the next president. Others loathe him. Some are so glad Hillary didn’t make it – while others literally shed tears of despair for her.  And it’s not just people of the world doing this. Oh not at all.  We also see all this going on with believers, children of God-- the very citizens of heaven above! 

Children of God, what’s going on?  Have we forgotten what is most important about all of this?  What role does President-elect Trump play?  Should we trust in him?

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President-elect Trump is not the nation’s salvation.  He is not our savior.  A lot of conservative believers are acting like he is.  I’m conservative. I am OK with him as President – at least so far. But should be put our trust in him?

I personally am very willing to give him a chance to set right so many of the huge problems besetting the nation. I pray for Mr. Trump – as I also pray from time to time for Mr. Obama. We’re told to do so in 1 Timothy 2:1-2.  If you’re not willing to pray for Mr. Obama, are you saying you are not willing to follow what scripture tells us to do?  Ditto for prayers for Mr. Trump.  We either obey God’s word in the scriptures – or we don't.

Could it be possible that for a time God will use President-elect Trump to excite the sluggish economy back to vibrancy and give us all time to wake ourselves up too?  Or will we slide into “the Lord delays his coming” mentality?  Could it be that God is actually giving His people time to wake up and repent of our lukewarmness?  Could it be that we have grown weary in doing good and in getting out the message of our Savior and the kingdom of God?  Could it be this is more about giving his children more time to get it right?  Are our lights shining brightly right now, in fact?

Remember that just before the very end time of this age, there will be “marrying and giving in marriage”, eating and drinking (dining out?) – see Matthew 24:38.  Luke’s gospel says they “ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built…” (Luke 17:28-30) – and “so it will be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed (verse 30).  This seems to be describing a booming economy – at least as I read it – not long before our Messiah returns. Other scriptures speak of people declaring “peace and safety, and then sudden destruction”  (I Thessalonians 5:3).  Paul goes on to say in that last passage that the Day of our Lord’s return should not catch believers by surprise. And yet Christ himself told his disciples (including us) that he would come “at an hour you think not” or at a time we don’t expect (Matthew 24:42, 44).  We won’t know the day and hour of his coming (v 36).  But my main point right now is that just before everything collapses, there will be a time of prosperity and apparent peace.  Mr. Trump may have a part in all of that, as a tool in God’s hands.

So I think it’s very possible that things will appear to really be taking off. Have you seen the stock market lately?  Jobs may be coming back to America.  Coal miners may be going back to work.  I don’t know this – but what if?  Is the so-called “Trump rally” in the rising stock market gains going to last – or are we going to see a horrendous bubble burst within a couple years? 

What all the leaders seem to be missing is inviting the nation to repent and inviting the only true living God Most High to come and inspire what HE wants.  The leader of Nineveh did.  Several kings of Judah did.  If President Obama had said “Yes GOD can” instead of “Yes WE can”, how might things be different? If President-elect Trump would invite God to help make America great again – no doubt we’d be shown the way. And no doubt the way to greatness would start on our knees.  Remember 1 Chronicles 7:14 – “if my people, called by my name, would humble themselves and pray…”  THEN God hears from heaven and heals our land.

In the end, just remember Trump is a man, a sinner, a flawed human being (just like me – and just like you).  Maybe you wouldn’t say the things he says and the way he says things.  Maybe you wouldn’t be so open about your vanity.  But – we’re all sinners, all flawed, and thank God who makes a way for us to be pardoned and move on.  He may bring a new level of prosperity and he may do a lot of things you like.  He will definitely also do some things you and I won’t like.

In any case, the point of this message is:  Don’t ever look to any man or any woman to save you or your country.   Put your hope and trust in God alone always.  When we put our hopes and trust into mere mortals who are prone to vanity and sin, we will always be disappointed. See leaders as tools in God’s hands. They’re not perfect and won’t be as mere humans.  But pray for our President-elect Trump. Pray for his wisdom, and that he gain some humility, and that he learn to truly seek the living God. Pray for his safety and protection.  But don’t get overly involved emotionally and mentally into his or anyone else’s presidency. 

After all, our citizenship is in heaven.  We are mere sojourners and pilgrims on this planet.  Keep your eyes focused on things above (Col. 3:1-2), not on things of this earth.  Put your wealth and focus on the kingdom of heaven – not any kingdoms or countries here on earth, though I can also say I’m so glad to be a U.S. citizen and so happy to enjoy the relative peace and prosperity we can have for a while…. All the while never forgetting what is most important. 

Set your HEART on God and our Savior – not on what any human leader will do or won’t do.  Human leaders will break promises and will fail.  They almost always do.  And be prepared for the crash when it comes, as it will be huge.  It might not be for many years yet, or it might be within a handful of years or months.  Be ready to meet your King. Make that your priority and your heart’s desire. 

Remember – we’re SOJOURNERS


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