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Muslim refugees -- or?

The world has been shown some horrific pictures lately of a three year old child’s body being washed ashore after the child and his mother died, trying to escape the brutal reign of terror of Muslim ISIS terrorists.  There have been many others who have died trying to escape to a better land, a safer place. So now we see hundreds of thousands - - even millions – of mostly Muslim refugees trying to save their lives.  No doubt, many hundreds of thousands of them are genuine asylum seekers.  Please understand – I get that. 

I’m all for helping those who need protection and help from those brutal ISIS folks.  There are countless believers in Christ who are also being burned alive, crucified, tortured, raped and sold into slavery – and many are being beheaded. We need to be doing all we can to help those people.  And I do.

But something is troubling me about so many of the pictures I’m seeing of the majority of asylum seekers:  I see picture after picture of what is mostly young Muslim men! Sure, I see some women and children and old men and old women as well, but there’s an alarming percentage of what look like healthy young men in their prime.

ISIS told us weeks ago that we were about to see a huge wave of Muslim migrants coming into Europe and eventually to America.  Something is suspicious about this.  I can’t help but believe that more than a few of those coming in are trained Muslim jihadists intent on violence. 

And what are we doing?  Western nations are opening the doors wide.  I believe we are feeding, welcoming, and assisting many who will become thorns in our side and who will carry out violent terrorist acts. 

So I hope you will call your elected representatives and senators this coming week and tell them that we MUST have a rigorous “vetting” and pre-screening of anyone we bring into this country. And also tell them we need to bring more of the fleeing Christians from Syria and Iraq – and not just Muslims.  Please also tell them that it’s time that we tell foreigners who wish to come to our land that they must assimilate. They must learn English, live peacefully by our laws, and not demand their Sharia laws in our country!

I saw one report that says some refugees in Europe who were given large bags of food from the Red Cross refused the food and assistance. Why?  Because the food bags had a red cross emblazoned on the bags. This offended the Muslims who want nothing to do with emblems of Christianity. 

Anyway, those poor folks – especially the women and children -- who are coming as true refugees – so be it.  Let’s do it. Let’s help them. But we must be doing this with care, caution and with our eyes wide open.

Otherwise, we might be letting in a lot of young militarily trained men sent by ISIS to embed themselves in the hordes of true refugees -- to pursue Jihad in our lands. 

May Yahweh be merciful to us. 

One other thing: our national leadership and our high courts have been going down a track that goes directly against God’s word on so many issues.  This cannot bode well for our nation. As I write this, the Torah portion readings that happen each week is worth noting.  In the Torah portion this week, what is being read in Jewish synagogues around the world? It’s the part in Deuteronomy 31 and then 32, where Moses stands before Israel and challenges them to choose obedience and to obey God’s law – and to choose life. Then he warns them (and us) that wrong decisions on their part will be the equivalent to choosing death. Read it for yourself. How timely is all that, considering what we’re seeing in our land? 

The recent High Court rulings, the unbelievable Iran agreement to let them have nukes over time, the aggressive LGBT alliances now persecuting those who want to live by God’s word – all combine (and more) to not bode well for this nation.

Combine that with the 2nd year in a row of eerie blood red moons on Yahweh’s high holydays – and we may be in for a tough few years ahead of us. 

What can you do?  Seek a closer walk with our God and Savior as never before.  This is the most important action any of us can take. HE is our Rock, our Hiding Place, our place of safety and our Peace – no matter what we will see happening all around us.  

Is Almighty God our Father and Mother?
PRAY for believers in Christ


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