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Because I Love you

The following essay is by a spirit-led brother in Christ I’ve known for many years. I was moved by this beautiful essay and I hope you will be too. Be sure to click on “continue reading” at the bottom right so you can read it all. It’s wonderful!    -- Philip Shields 


I looked and beheld that the Earth had become without any form and was void of all life. My spirit was moved to make it new and so I placed it upon its orbit and blessed it within its course.

 (Genesis 1:1-3)

Because I Love You

I called for the light to come forth and separated it from the darkness. I saw the beauty in both the light and dark and I named them day and night.

 (Genesis 1:3-5)

Because I Love You

I set the waters above the Earth and divided the firmament into its proper order. I placed this protective cover I called heaven, so that life could be sustained upon the earth’s surface.

(Genesis 1:6-8)

Because I Love You

I gathered all the waters to form the mighty seas and caused the dry land to appear. I planted it with a variety of herbs, grasses and trees to grow and yield its fruit for a covering.

(Genesis 1:9-13)

Because I Love You

I set a great light I called the Sun to provide light and warmth during the day. I set a lesser light I called the moon and dressed it with many twinklingstars to shine for you by night. These lights I created to also show you my holy appointments, my special times, with you.

(Genesis 1:14-19)

Because I Love You

I gave the vast seas its bounty of many varieties of wonderful life. I set the birds upon the air with the wings of flight and filled the land with creatures of many kinds to prosper and multiply.

 (Genesis 1:20-25)

Because I Love You

I looked upon the beauty that shimmered on the waters and across the vast new land; I saw my reflection within both and out of the ground I created and breathed life into the first Man.

(Genesis 1:26, 2:7)

Because I Love You

I saw how much a man needed a companion to share and enjoy the beauty of my creation. I caused a deep sleep to fall upon him and from his own body I created his helpmate called woman. Together their seed would begin to fill the earth with human life.

(Genesis 1:28, 2:18, 21-24)

Because I Love You

I fashioned both the man and woman in our image, after our likeness.  No other creature has that honor.

(Genesis 1:26-27)

Because I love You

On the seventh day I rested from all my works of creating. I sanctified it as my Sabbath day so that all that I had made could rest from their works, rejoice and reflect upon Me.

 (Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11)

Because I Love You

I set the man and woman in a beautiful garden, a paradise I planted with my very own hands. I taught them my way of life and gave them my Laws and statutes that would bring forth fruit of my very own nature.

(Genesis 2:8-17)

Because I Love You

I gave you the honor to bear my glorious name and become a great nation. You were to be my witnesses upon this earth and live by every word that I would decree.

(Exodus 6:7, 19:3-6, Leviticus 26:12; Acts 1:8)

Because I Love You

I emptied myself of immortality and left my place of honor before my Father to live as one of my creations. I came for many reasons. I came to live a perfect life so I could be your Savior. I set the example of what Abba, our dear Father desires. And I came to proclaim the Way into His glorious kingdom.

(Philippians 2:5-8; John 14:6; Acts 4:12)

Because I Love You 

Our Father personally chose you to be one of the first children in His family and asked me to lead you to Him. I love showing you what a loving Abba He is. He’s the greatest.

(John 6:44; Matthew 11:27; John 14:28)

Because I Love You 

I gave my body to be beaten so you could be healed. Then I gave you my life, my living blood to be spilled to justify you and pay for all the penalties for all your sins. By this act, and by my resurrection that followed, I conquered the last enemy – death.

(Isaiah 53:5-6; John 6:47-58, 10:11, 14-18; Hebrews 2:9, 14; Romans 5:20-21)

ecause I Love You

Knowing that I must go, I did not want to leave you alone. I sent a Comforter to you -- by our gift of the Holy Spirit. It will teach and guide you throughout your life and keep you in remembrance of Me.

(John 14:16-17, 26, 16:7-14)

Because I Love You

I stand before the Throne of our Father daily as your High Priest. I was accepted as the First Fruit, a wave sheaf of the first harvest from my precious brethren.

(Hebrews 4:14, 6:17-20, 7:24-27, 8:1-2)

Because I Love You

You sometimes stumble and sin and get discouraged by that, even after you’ve repented. Please remember I was human too and I fully understand.  I come searching for you when you go astray. I will finish what I started in you.

(Hebrews 4:14-16; Luke 15:4-10; Philippians 1:6)

Because I Love You 

Be strong and of great courage in this: I will never leave you nor will I ever forsake you. I will be with you always even to the end of this age. There is nothing that could ever separate you from my or our Abba’s love. Nothing.

(Deuteronomy 30:6, Matthew 28:20, Romans 8:31-39, Hebrews 13:5-6)

Because I Love You 

Now we’re preparing the most awesome and beautiful wedding the universe has ever seen. I can’t wait – my Beloved – to stand there with you as we both say our “I do” before our Father. I love how you say it, “My Beloved is mine, and I am my Beloved’s.”

(Revelation 19:6-9; Song of Solomon 6:3)

Because I Love You 

I see you, my Beloved, in the resurrection as perfect, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. When you stand there with Me, I will see you as having no fault in my presence.

Yes, that’s how I will see you, with exceeding joy.

(Ephesians 5:25-27; Jude 24; 1 John 3:2)

Because I Love You 

I promised you I would one day return and bring you also to the place I am preparing for you. This hope have all my servants who remain faithful to the end. This promise I will one I in fulfill!

(John 14:1-4; Matthew 24:30-31)

Because I Love You 

I can hardly wait to rule the earth with you, my Beloved.  Our Father has given me everything and I can’t wait to share all of it with you.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it will be so rewarding to show the world what true divine agape love is – you and I, reigning together!

(Romans 8:16-17; John 16:15; Revelation 20:6)

Because I Love You 

All this I have done and so much more I have planned for each one of you. You belong to me and I belong to the Father and together we belong to One Body, A Royal Priesthood, and the Family of God Forever!

(John 17, Ephesians 4:4-6, 1 Peter 2:9)

Because We Have always and will Forever Love You



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