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Or are those days over?

We read over and over in the Bible – both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament – how men, women and even children experienced God.  By “experiencing God” I mean more than just praying to him or studying his word, though we can certainly experience Yahweh that way too. I mean we have those moments when we stand back and think – “WHAT in the world just happened?”  I’m talking about having visions and dreams, strong urges and thoughts, dramatic miracles and manifestations of the Almighty in various forms and means – to you, and to me.

We read of people even after Christ’s resurrection and ascension – still experiencing angels, directions from the Holy Spirit, having visions, seeing even Christ himself at times.  They could heal, could speak in tongues, raise the dead and have guidance on prophecies. 

I will give a sermon on this topic for this weekend and will give you all the scriptures and information in that sermon.  But I want you to start thinking about it now:  Are those days over?  Do you ever know that you know that you’ve just heard from God himself?  Do you ever get strong thoughts or messages that you know you didn’t originate?  Are you witnessing powerful instant healings from time to time?  Or are those days over? 

I contend those days are not over.  

There ARE people today who have met and talked to angels, sometimes without knowing that “person” was an angel.  There are people who have had visions – but are reluctant to ever say anything because they will be considered a bit odd probably. 

We know a lady who told us years ago that she was home alone with her daughter when a man came into the house, obviously intent on mischief.  I believe she said he had a big knife and ordered her to the bedroom.  Of course she was praying fervently.  Soon after stepping into the bedroom, the man looked above and behind her and started shouting “OK, OK, I’m leaving. Don't hurt me…” – and ran out the door.  The lady looked behind her and saw nothing, saw no one.  I believe the bad man was shown a big brawny strong angel standing behind the lady. 

I’ve had my own experiences.  I’d love to hear yours. 

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We are coming to the most dangerous and troubling times the world has ever seen.  You and I will have to know beyond any doubt that God is real to us and leading and guiding us – and maybe even speaking to us.  After all, He did that over and over in the days of the early church as I will show in the sermon this coming Sabbath. 

To experience God positively – in positive ways, what must WE do? 

It will start with recognizing his call to let HIM work in us and for us -- and dropping everything we deem important now and start following him.  That means deep, deep repentance and turning to be a disciple of Christ.  It means divesting ourselves of self.  Paul described it as a loss of all things for Christ’s sake in Philippians 3.  Experiencing God begins by crucifying the self.  Most of our problems are associated with a lot of “Self” issues – like self-importance, self-pity, self-righteousness, self-centeredness and so on.  Sin is spelled with a big “I” in the middle – like this -- sIn.  We have to learn what John the Baptist knew: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  John 3:30.  Then we take up our cross and follow him.  That’s where experiencing God starts. 

Having said that, there have been lots of evil people who have “experienced” God – but experienced him negatively!  Balaam even had his donkey/ass talk to him!  The nation of Israel experienced Him positively and negatively.  So understand:  Yahweh WANTS us to experience Him!  And we can, if we tune in, ask Him to reveal His glory as Moses did on Mt. Sinai, and believe those days are not over.

If almost 3 million unconverted Israelites at Mt. Sinai could experience Him, we certainly can. 

Christ may be knocking on our doors.  We have to make our lives more quiet, more receptive.  Turn off the TV if it’s blaring all the time when you’re home.  Spend less time in Facebook and more time with your Beloved, the Son of God, who wants to marry His Bride soon.  So many are doing so many things that disconnect us from Him - - rather than maximize our experiencing of God himself. 

There’s much more in the sermon coming up and so I hope you will check it out.  If you could gain even just one small point from that message that works for you, you could be on the path to some of the most amazing moments of your life ahead of you.  

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