This is a repost of 2021 sermon, when Atonement was also in September. Otherwise, all the information is timeless. Can even a day of Fasting, Sept 25 in 2023, be a positively joyous day? What is the Day of Atonement all about? Is it a day of covering (Yom Kippur) or coverings, plural? Is it really about punishment, God’s wrath, God’s judgment – as so many believe? And is this day really largely about Satan as the azazel goat, and having him be put away with sins placed on him? Or can Satan have ANY part in this precious holy atoning day? Shouldn’t our emphasis be on the goat that was killed for atonement -- as well as the goat of departure (azazel) and all that those two goats tell us about God’s plan for the future? Who was allowed to work, and worked hard, on this Day? What does Kippur or Kippurim mean? May the true meaning of this day fill your heart with joy.
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Sunday, 24 September 2023
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This is the best sermon on the Day of Atonement I have ever heard! Until now, it seemed like I could never get things to come together in my mind to understand how beautiful & meaningful this day is. After watching this sermon, I understand why I was having a problem with that. Thank you, Philip
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