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I’ll come out with more sermons - - both video and audio versions— for July. Be sure to understand the power in the name of Jesus, “GOD with us” (Emmanuel) and being saved in HIS name, as we can be saved by no other name under heaven (Acts 4:12). He promises to be with us to the end of time, living HIS godly life once more on earth, this time in us, in you. Jesus becomes our life (Col 3:3-4) if we have been saved (Eph 2:8-9). Be sure also to keep the 7th day of the week sabbath holy and pleasing to God. The fourth commandment is also the longest one, and the hardest for people to keep. A sermon’s coming about the sabbath soon.

Be sure to register so you can leave comments and questions, which really help us provide the best service possible. Check out both the audio and video sermons and blogs too. Your comments help others as well. We’re in the quiet summer months now between the spring and fall holydays, but a lot happened in these Summer months in the past – so don’t slacken your diligent seeking after God. He promises to be found of you if you seek him with all your might (Hebrews 11:6).

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23 June 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
One topic that comes up from time to time is how much interaction and friendship we should have with people who are not believers like you. Let’s say they obviously are “part of this world” and its ways. Should you have friends among those people – o...
18 June 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
In America, this weekend is “Father’s Day.”  I’m surprised I’m not hearing more of an uproar than is out there in an era when the Left doesn’t know what a man or woman is, or what a father or mother is. Here at Light on the Rock we have not lost...
07 June 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
I live in a 55+ Community and we just received our annual reminder to be ready for the hurricane season here in Florida. They had a lot of good points and reminders. Reminders are good. Being ready is good. As believers, our first focus in being read...
30 May 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
This should be a simple blog, but I believe a very necessary one. Sometimes men, especially men over 50 or 60, rise up and decide they have to take charge of something because, they say, “that’s what men do. God made us to lead and be in charge, and ...
13 May 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
As people from various backgrounds and religious former-affiliations come into contact with Light on the Rock, we receive a variety of comments and questions. Another recent inquiry is whether infants or children can be or should be baptized. &n...

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