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In just a few days from when I write this, we’ll be keeping Passover with our Messiah.  We wash one another’s feet as he did (Picturing him washing our feet too), then eat of his Unleavened Bread picturing HIM and his perfect righteousness (not OURS).  The Unleavened Bread may be pierced and show stripes. Then drink of His cup – reminding us of his precious blood that washes away ALL our sin, pays the penalty of death for us, and reconciles us in peace with our Father. What a momentous time this all pictures. Eating Unleavened Bread after the Passover shows that Yeshua/Jesus continues to be our strength and HE is our righteousness going forward.

Let’s be sure to be ready. Examine yourself and value your high calling and salvation by God through Christ, and then be sure to be there and take the Passover. Passover should be a peaceful and even joyful time as we recall what Messiah did and continues to do for us. Be sure to hear the sermons on being saved and what God expects from us. Have a wonderful pre-Passover preparation as we sing praises to our Master and our Father in heaven. 

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Philip Shields, minister and host.

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