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Thank you for coming to our free site. Please tell others about this website. We live in momentous times. It’s time for all of us to set our prayer lives as our top priority and seek our God as never before. The pandemic continues to get worse and to spread. It has led to loss of liberties and attacks against believers and church. Voting irregularities are widespread. We may like or not like the result of the elections in USA or in your country, but though we should speak out by our vote against abortion, for example, what ultimately happens is up to God. God DOES hear his people, however, or else why bother ever praying. So yes, right now, we need to be praying as never before. Check out recent audio and video sermons on prayer. Be sure to check out the sermon on “WHY 2020?” once it’s posted.

Be sure you check the AUDIO sermons as well as the VIDEO sermons, as I’m doing both. Also check the blogs for thought-provoking ideas. Thank you for coming.  Host and founder, Philip Shields

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Recent Blogs

14 February 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
OK, I’m way too late posting this for this year to have any effect but hoping it will help more of you next year understand why many of God’s children do not get involved in most of the world’s holidays - - yes, including seemingly innocent Valentine...
08 January 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
WHO is truly God over all the earth – God the Father, or Satan? So many of the people I grew up with use 2 Cor. 4:4 and say “that’s it – Satan’s the god of this world or age. He rules it, he decides everything and that’s just the way it is.” &nb...
02 January 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
I recorded an audio sermon that goes in many reasons people give why they just don’t get around to praying “as much as I should”. I hope you benefit from the full-length sermon on it. But in pondering it some more, I think one of the biggest reasons ...
24 December 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
My wife and I commented on our daily walk around the neighborhood today how many homes had Christmas decorations – but a few did not have any. Our home was among the “did not have any” group. Satan appears as an angel of light, especially perhaps at ...
19 December 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
At a recent sabbath fellowship I was asked what I thought of the new “peace deals between Arab states and Israel: are these a good thing or a bad thing, from especially God’s point of view?”  I thought that would be a good topic to cover today. ...