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Enjoy our free website once again. I’ve focused lately on how GOD perfects us and offers us His fabulous FREE GIFT of Grace/Favor. We can’t earn or qualify for a GIFT, or it’s no longer a gift (Romans 11:5-6).  Please share our website and we invite you leave comments as well. You’ll need to register first. Your email will never be posted and we won't “bug” you! Be sure to check out the audio sermons as well, and we’ll be updating those too. Plus the blogs – short reads on matters that concern us all.

Use the Search bar to find blogs or sermons on topics you want to dive into more. I recommend you print out the NOTES on each sermon but still watch/listen to the video or audio. The notes are close approximations of what was said, but you’ll miss some things.

God’s grace, favor and blessings on you all. Let others know about the messages you enjoy from this free website.

Philip, your host and fellow servant

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Recent Blogs

20 January 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
Many of us have probably looked at ourselves and wondered how God could possibly work with “someone like me” when we look at our slip ups, sins and mess ups.  Check out the new AUDIO sermon “When you really MESS UP” to help you, if you feel this...
13 January 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
We all know very well what happens if muscles are not exercised.  They get flabby.  Not because they ‘turn to fat’ but because they lose the mass that develops when we push them.  It’s nature’s way of conserving energy—‘Ah,’ it says, ‘...
01 January 2022
Light on the Rock Blogs
And Possible origin of “April Fools.” Many go around this time of year proclaiming “Happy new year” to everyone they see whom they know. So in the dead of winter, we find people proclaiming the new year. You might be interested to learn that it wasn’...
24 December 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
 - By "Sister of Theophilus” Bet you never gave much thought about our Heavenly God being a teaser, have you?! But He is!!! And I hope no one thinks I am being disrespectful because I am not! You’ll find God’s humor frequently in scripture ...
18 December 2021
Light on the Rock Blogs
Walking around our neighborhood, I see small creches – depictions of the birth of the Christ child with Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus and maybe a few sheep or cows nearby. Sometimes depictions of shepherds or kings kneeling are also shown. So Mary a...

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