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We hope you like the vast changes our webmaster has made to Light on the Rock (LOTR). We’re trying to make it easier for you to use. We have over 270 sermons and hundreds of “blogs” covering a vast array of topics. To find a topic, click inside the Search bar on the home page, type in 1-3 words (like Sabbath), then hit Return.  Also be sure to register with us so you can leave comments, which we love reading.  Just go to “About LOTR”, select “register” – and you’re there.  We hope you like it. Please give us feedback. You can also go to “Contact Us” and just email me directly, if you wish.  I love hearing from you and appreciate your encouragement. 

May our wonderful Father and our Savior bless you in your quest to love God with all your heart and might and to love one another as yourself.  Our quest is to help shine God’s light in a darkened world. Thanks for visiting and please tell others about us.   – Philip W. Shields, host  

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Recent Blogs

12 February 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
Pete Buttigieg, a USA  presidential candidate in 2020, says life begins with one’s first breath to try to justify his stance that a woman can end her baby’s life in her womb all the way up to the point of being born through her birth canal – wit...
01 February 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
Have you ever used the rights you have as a US citizen – or citizen of your own country? I am aware that many countries don’t offer as many rights or freedoms as the USA does. But you who live in most of the western countries know you can call your ...
18 January 2020
Light on the Rock Blogs
What fills your mind? What do you think about?  What do you hear, see and get involved in?  What do you spend your time on?  And how will that affect you? How will that affect your eternity?  How does that affect your relationship...
26 December 2019
Light on the Rock Blogs
 By R. HerbertNot all prayer is asking for something, but a great deal of it obviously is.  When we do ask, do we pray mainly for our own physical and spiritual needs and concerns?   There is no doubt that it is acceptable to pray...
14 December 2019
Light on the Rock Blogs
Much of the world is in the Christmas season; or “Christ’s mass”. We’re told this season is supposed to be about the birth of baby Jesus, the son of God as a human. But we’re surrounded by Christmas trees, bright lights, holly wreaths, images of a fa...