This is one of the most important qualities we can master in our lives: always being thankful, all the time, FOR all things, in all things, no matter what. Being grateful and appreciative becomes a life style. You will receive more peace of mind, more joy in all circumstances and will be reflecting faith and trust in God.
Duration:47 mins 24 secs


Posted on:
Sunday, 21 June 2020
Posted by:
Sidney Fry
Be thankful in all things…..oh sure, we know that don’t we? After you listen to this, you won’t be so sure you are. The lesson here is that being thankful to the extent we should will change our whole attitude and make a tremendous difference in our life. Philip plays an innovative game with his grandsons of giving thanks to God for everything they can think of…with the pretense anything left out would be taken away. Quite a concept that gets the point across! I tried to ingrain in my grandsons to give a thankful response, but I don’t recall telling them, which Philip brought out, it’s not so much that I need it, but that is is “good for you.” Also brought out are examples in scripture how we are to be thankful in ALL things, even the bad. God is molding us.

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