With China Coronavirus going around and thousands dying, does GOD have any opinions or laws about quarantine, washing, sanitation, animal-to-human virus spreads and ways to avoid epidemics? Yes, He surely does. Learn what they are in this sermon. If everyone would practice these laws, we’d all be a lot healthier.
Duration:57 mins 43 secs


Posted on:
Sunday, 21 June 2020
Posted by:
Sidney Fry
Unfortunately, I feel a lot of people (of the world) will not be open to listening. Why? Because it’s a sermon! Oh NO! Not a sermon! But I think those very same people would be so glad if they were to listen. Any tidbits of truth coming from ‘above’ are so fascinating, especially when you have never heard them before. And, we all have an interest in health related material. When Philip reads a scripture, he sometimes adds a little of his own words to make it come to life. He makes it interesting and enjoyable. You can appreciate that if you’ve ever heard a dull sermon. Yes, there are plenty of them!

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