Do we get to tithe in the New Covenant? Is tithing mentioned in the new covenant? How does tithing work in the New covenant? Is a percentage mentioned in the New Testament? Or is our “tithing” now simply freewill offerings when we feel like it? This sermon will surprise many of you and it will give you a lot to ponder. I’m sharing what the Bible actually tells us clearly. Please share part 1 and 2 with others who wish to know the truth.
Duration:1 hr 9 mins 21 secs


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Tuesday, 04 October 2022
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This message has exhaustively answered all the questions and objections I have always met about Tithing in the new testament. I have now come to learn and know exactly what the New Testament says! You too can find this out and thank and glorify God in the Highest!
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Saturday, 26 November 2022
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Thank you for this sermon. I really liked both Part 1 and 2 but this updated message opened my eyes even more. Thank you.

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