God loves hearing us talk to one another and REWARDS that. Learn how in this teaching. I emphasize “talk.” So many never do that anymore, but just text or email, but GOD loves hearing our voice and so do our loved ones. How important talking to one another is, in God’s view. We cover: WHY we need to be talking and communicating with one another, how we do it, what not to do, how we get more involved in church services, and much more. This topic is more important than it might first seem.
Duration:43 mins 20 secs


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Friday, 10 December 2021
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Thank you so much Philip for this great and powerful message. This is God's will for His people that we should be constantly in touch with each other. I am inspired by this teaching and I will continue doing this going forward with God's grace. Let's all do this as God's children to the honor and glory of God's name. Be blessed Philip.

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