You’ll enjoy this video rich with illustrations and graphics. I’m sure most of you will find some thought-provoking material here in your Christian walk. Do we glory in the cross of Yeshua/Jesus? But are we focusing too much on the instrument of his sacrificial death as the Passover Lamb of God (1 Cor. 5:7) and not on what was accomplished by the shed blood: forgiveness, grace, reconciliation, penalty paid in full, etc.? DO we know if a “crucifixion” was just an upright stake or could have been a cross or tree? Find out about even Old Testament indications of the cross. In any case, do we glory and boast in the cross or stake? DO we talk about it? IS it the main thing in our lives, as Paul said?
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Sunday, 06 March 2022
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Thank you so much for spending time discussing the "Cross" It always made me wonder why the apostle Paul spent so much time talking about something that the Church of God I grew up in hardly ever talked about only that we should not spend much time on that subject as it was "Pagan" Thank you Philip I am learning so much and really appreciate all that you are doing here on Light on the Rock.
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Tuesday, 12 July 2022
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This is amazing Brother Phillip. Thanks a lot for sharing this timely message that most Church of God organizations do not teach. I love it for sure and must share this message.

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