With Russia/Ukraine war underway, and the violence we see -- get the answers you’re seeking on commonly asked questions like “ARE we in the very end of days? Are we on the brink of World War 3? Are we going to see Christ return at any moment now? Has the Great Tribulation started?” and more. Find out roughly where we are in prophecy right now.
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Sunday, 03 April 2022
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Thank you for this message. I want to listen to it again tonight. With all that's happening around the world it really makes me think we are getting closer to the time when Jesus will return. This world we live in is sick, humanity is really slipping and "Christian Values" are a thing of the past. Looking at the world we live in today really makes me wonder how bad times were back in the days of Noah. Thanks again Philip. I really value your sermons, blogs and comments. Keep up the great work.

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