Should God’s children vote? Or are we to distance ourselves from anything political? Or could standing on the sidelines in 2020 actually bring God’s displeasure? Some of the things we bring out in today’s teaching may surprise some of you. I also cover the typical reasons conservative believers give for not voting. This is the most critical time in our country since the Civil War. The video will have a lot more graphics and information in it than just the audio.
Duration:1 hr 14 mins 10 secs


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Sunday, 13 September 2020
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Keep up the great work. Thank you for this sermon I hope that more of God's people will take the time and watch/ listen to this important message.
Posted on:
Friday, 20 November 2020
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Sidney Fry
Like Philip, I had not voted for decades but was impelled to vote in the 2016 election and now in this 2020 election. So I have already done that. But I just now watched this video on voting, and let me tell you, I am not a day late and a dollar short for its benefit! I would want for everyone to take in this message. If, like is said here, anyone is against, unsure or uninspired whether to vote, all of these concerns are addressed here from a biblical perspective. It will really give you a clear path to think it through. Because I was confused about the subject, I just went with my emotions and did vote in these volatile times. Had I watched this 4 years ago, there wouldn't have been any doubts. Do yourself a favor and watch this. There'll be more elections AND CAUSES down the road.