All scriptures are NKJV unless noted otherwise. I HOPE and pray you’ll all carefully study and hear this VITAL 2 part teaching on HOW righteous we must be to be in God’s kingdom. Hint: OUR best will NEVER be good enough. Will you ever be righteous enough for God’s kingdom? What standard do you have to attain? We’ll discuss all that. Have you received the rarely discussed FREE GIFT God has offered you? This teaching discusses the 2 filthy ditches too many believers fall into, the vast difference between the free GIFT of God versus the rewards we receive by our good works – and how understanding this determines your joy of your salvation. Also, HOW we become righteous enough for the Kingdom of God. PLEASE BE SURE TO HEAR THE AUDIO AND print out the notes to use as you listen - to help you follow along as we go through this.
Duration:1 hr 6 mins 14 secs


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Tuesday, 18 June 2019
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Philip Shields had sex with several women(my mom included) and girls during his time with the worldwide church of god in Plattsburgh, NY. He did it at congregations before and after. Total fraud, you’re listening to the empty words of a true non-believer.

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