Man, Woman, Marriage & Family

Man, Woman, Marriage & Family

March 2004 - September 2016
Sermons in this series
Fri, Sep 09, 2016
Duration: 1 hr 12 mins 4 secs
Whether you’re a man or woman, I promise you – you will gain some inspiring insights into man-woman by this sermon. We decided to start with Christ and how he treated women, rather than start with the traditional passages in Ephesians, etc. We are to have HIS mind and be more and more like Him – in all areas. Which social taboos and rules did He break and ignore to show the way women should be treated? How did He treat repentant women of ill repute? How did He use women to spread the gospel in their own unique way? What areas can we perhaps change and grow in – as we see our Example before us? There’s also a lot in here about being single – and what YHVH ways to single men and women. Enjoy!
Sat, Apr 20, 2013
This is the conclusion to Five women who were vital parts in the Messianic lineage of Yeshua, our king of Kings. The Davidic-Messianic line will indeed change the world. Glean some fascinating insights into each of these women and learn lessons that can change your life as well. (Note there are other sermons about and for women you can find in 2005 in the months of February, April and September 2005). Whether Gentile or Israelite, all of these women needed God’s grace – but all five women helped change the world.
Mon, Apr 15, 2013
The Messiah changed the world. Only five women, (5 the number of grace) are listed by name or referred to, in Matthew’s lineage of Yeshua, our Savior. Why were these five chosen? And why were most of them Gentile? Why couldn’t five “pristine” women who were more ‘righteous’ be chosen? What role did each of these women play in the Royal family tree? Caution: this and the next sermon are fairly graphic, but nothing is said that the Bible doesn’t say. Hear/read about these women who changed the world and the lessons they bring to all of us.
Sun, Aug 05, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 7 secs
Please listen to Part 1 first. We cover: the importance of having godly marriages. Learn how the word for "man" and "woman" (ish, isha) in Hebrew word pictures tells us the hidden, embedded key to having God's glory give us amazing marriages. It's the key to all male-female relationships. The importance of ending the scourge of divorce and separation. Do we have to understand all the opposite sex -- or is it more specific? Is there a perfect model husband and man and the model woman? Enjoy and use this material to begin markedly improving your marriage and relationships.
Thu, Jul 05, 2012
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 58 secs
The Battle of the sexes has gone on since the Garden of Eden. This 2 - part message is not just the traditional same approach. You'll find new insights as we explore the high destiny of man and woman and what Yah's ideal in the Garden was. We review women in the Bible. It was originally man who was told to "keep" their garden home. Find out what that means and how that applies today. Eve -- the "help-meet" for Adam: was she really to be the main "helper" in a home and marriage? Who else is our helper? We also explore the Hebrew "word pictures" within words like "Eden", helper, keep, and much more.
Sat, Sep 10, 2005
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins
Today we address: should women preach? How about "prophesying"? Does the Bible allow women to be leaders or teachers? Can women be ordained pastors? Women prophets - past and future. Were there ever female apostles? You may be surprised.
Wed, Apr 20, 2005
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins
Stopping Satan's onslaught against relationships. Agape love in marriage. How men must set an example of submitting to those over them. Straight hard-hitting talk about what God commands women and men to be doing - in fresh light. Becoming a "good finder" in relationships. Conjugal dues: what does God say?
Thu, Feb 03, 2005
Duration: 1 hr 17 mins 33 secs
Genesis 1-3 explains God's original purpose for man and woman. See the intriguing blend of "equal destiny and worth in different roles". Learn how being a "helper" or "head" are both God-level functions. Who sinned first - Adam or Eve? The curses and consequences of sin in the garden.
Tue, Mar 30, 2004
Duration: 1 hr 18 mins 1 sec
Who will perform the wedding of Christ and His Church? Where and when will Christ's wedding take place? Jesus said we can't know the day nor the hour of His return, but He did promise we could know it was very near if we knew the signs. You'll hear some parallels and hints from the wedding of Boaz and Ruth. Is the Proverbs 31 woman really a parable about the Church? In John 14, Jesus says He goes to prepare a place for us. What does that mean? Philip's message will also take you on a quick tour of highlights of the book of Revelation, as it pertains to the wedding supper.
Fri, Mar 26, 2004
Duration: 1 hr 18 mins
God's themes are woven throughout the scriptures. In Genesis and other books, there are many exciting parallels between the Church and Rebekah, or Israel , and even to the New Covenant apostles. You'll understand much more about the Church and its relationship to Jesus Christ after you hear this message. Find out how God gives His Church an "engagement ring", and how Jesus used the Passover cup as a type of proposal. Learn about Sarah's tent and what that could mean for us. This message also covers the time 74 leaders of Israel ate and drank with God on Mt. Sinai.

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