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Sat, Feb 05, 2011
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 27 secs
It seems with everything going on that a lot of people - once again - are saying we must be in the last 7-8 years before the Messiah lands on the Mt. of Olives. This sermon analyzes that sentiment, reviews the ancient history of the animosity between Israel and the Arab community, what our priorities should be, and what a good watchman is doing, and more.
Wed, Jan 05, 2011
Duration: 1 hr 11 mins 50 secs
"My beloved son/daughter- in whom I am well pleased". Do you think that would ever be said of you or me? Can we ever really please perfect Yahweh? Or is He a hard-to-please Father? We hope you'll feel encouraged as you hear how God's children make it their aim to please Him, and how they accomplish that goal.
Wed, Dec 15, 2010
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 35 secs
Last time I discussed - the forgotten gift - God's righteousness imputed to His children by faith. How do we live in that righteousness? How do we evidence the fruit of His life in us? I discuss the implications of being part of His perfect body; how you and I must witness to His resurrection, even almost 2,000 years after the fact.
Mon, Nov 15, 2010
This is one of the most important messages I've ever given. We all know about God's grace and receiving His forgiveness for our sins. But then what? Going forward, even WITH God's Spirit, will we be judged by our righteousness? Even with the Holy Spirit, Paul said HE kept failing (Romans7). What's the answer? We must be righteous, for the unrighteous won't be in the kingdom of God. But whose righteousness alone is good enough for the kingdom? God offers a gift many believers have not fully received. Experience the joy of His salvation that comes when we truly understand this great gift - while avoiding the two ditches: the ditch of legalism or the ditch of license to disobey Yahweh's ways.
Fri, Oct 15, 2010
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 36 secs
We see environmental extremes: corporations exploiting God's creation-and then others practically worshiping the earth and its creatures. As a child of the Eternal God, what are our responsibilities to God's earth, the environment and to His creation? What does Yahweh have to say about animals, land, seas and rivers, and His earth? We pray this message will make the rounds among children of God and help us all be better stewards over His creation without going to the extremes of some environmental activists. We end with tips on what we can be doing now.
Sun, Aug 15, 2010
Duration: 1 hr 11 mins 54 secs
Most people set their hearts on something or someone. Have you thought about what, or who, your life is set on? Have you ever "reset" what which you've set your life on? Are our hearts set on the right One and the right end result? Why is this important? What does scripture say about setting ourselves, and setting our hearts? Individually and as children of the Highest, it's time to set or reset ourselves to do and to be what we've been called to do and to be.
Tue, Aug 10, 2010
Series: Prayer
Duration: 1 hr 20 mins
Why pray? This summer, how much have we been praying? This message is tailor made for anyone who has been letting solid prayer slide lately. If you need some motivation to pray more diligently, listen to this heart-felt message as Philip discusses seven reasons to pray. One or two of the reasons may be new concepts for many. Understanding why we pray helps one be more motivated to be praying regularly, effectively and frequently.
Thu, Jun 10, 2010
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 17 secs
What was the first thing said about those assembled on Pentecost in Acts 2:1? They were together, in one accord. That is the theme of this message today: the body of Christ is to be one, together, working to the Eternal God's glory in one accord. We are not one today. The Holy Spirit wants us together, working together in love and harmony. It is God's stated will, and it will happen. Be a part of the One Body in truth, in fact, in deed and in heart. We discuss HOW and WHO in this message.
Sat, Apr 03, 2010
Duration: 1 hr 19 mins 36 secs
It's inspiring to see how perfectly Yeshua the Messiah fulfilled to the tiniest detail, the picture shown by the Passover lamb. This message shows how God's holydays actually rehearse future events in precise detail, down to the exact minute. What happened on the 10th of the month in Jesus' life? What exact words were sung at His last Passover? Did Yeshua help His Father deleaven? This and more.
Thu, Mar 25, 2010
Duration: 1 hr 18 mins 11 secs
We present fresh material and review what is commonly known, about the footwashing, broken matzah and red wine and how these depict our relationship with Jesus and the first step of God's plan of salvation. Also: the Jewish Seder, why the 15th is called "the Night to be Much Observed", why 4 cups of wine at the Seder and why Jesus did not drink the 4th cup. Meaning of "The Cup"; the engagement to Christ; Cana's significance, and more!

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