Very soon those of the household of Yehowah (YHVH) will all be participating in the Passover as we wash one another’s feet, break the Passover bread and drink of the Master’s cup.  Are you mentally and spiritually getting ready for it?  Many of you are already deleavening your house and car.  Don’t forget the main deleavening of the mind and soul that must be going on right now.

It is also our custom to do Passover-specific studies. We search for sermons that will help us be in the right frame of mind. So with that in mind, here are my personal recommendations from this website that will help you with Passover preparation.  I’ve also included 2 unsolicited comments from others. Perhaps their recommendations will go a long way. Let’s start with theirs.

From someone in the western USA: We listened to and read your Sermon titled “Are You Crucified With Christ?” [March 2007) It was just what we were looking for and needing at this time.  Thank you for this powerful and inspiring message!  Believe us—you just don’t come across sermons like this—the best Passover preparation sermon we have heard in a long time, and we sincerely mean this. This sermon is absolutely life-changing.”

From someone in Canada:

“I just thought I’d mention – this morning I was in the book of Joshua about Jericho and the sin of Achan there – and its consequences and severe punishment. Then I randomly clicked on your sermon – “Sins of ignorance” [March 2011). I really appreciated it again (I’ve heard it before a long time ago) – especially as Passover is getting close on the calendar.Thanks again for your sermons at Light on the Rock. BTW – as I listened through that message, I was surprised at how undated it was – it had few if any references to current events or other dated material. Lots of your messages at LOTR are like that which make them useful now and in the future for anyone who listens. In any case, thanks again for all your efforts.”  

We must also forgive those who have hurt us terribly, whether deserved or not. The standard is “as Christ has forgiven” – which goes very deep. So I recommend this sermon. It’s hard to forgive when the hurt cuts so deep, but we must.    SeeApril 2008 – “Forgiving as Christ Forgave Us” 

When we wash feet, is it just to remember that we are to serve one another, or is there something so, so much deeper than that?  There is. Find out in the sermon about Passover emblems at April 2011. Know why the night after that is the night to be observant – and not the misapplied “to be observed”.  Know also that drinking of the cup has so much deeper meaning that goes beyond the contents of the cup and the red wine.  The pierced matzah and the stripes on the matzah – learn about it.  The “Afikomen” is not to be forgotten.  I might even do this message again.

There are many timeless messages on this website that will help you have a most meaningful Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread season. Many of these messages are ones given from my own soul-searching and desire to have a closer walk with my Redeemer who has made me new.  

Others I strongly recommend:

April 2011 – “Repenting of what you are”

April 2011 – “Don’t Miss the Most Important Deleavening”.

April 2005 – “The JOY of Passover and Unleavened Bread” (It shouldn’t be as sad as some have it! We’re remembering His death, sure – but it resulted in victory!)

March 2009 – “Let’s Keep Passover in a Worthy Manner”

Short message:  “I am Barabbas”   April 2012

April 2012—How Jesus Fulfilled the Passover in intricate Detail

April 2006 – Dramatic Healing and its relation to Passover.  (This goes beyond the “broken bread” and “stripes” for our healing).

And of course the ones we’ve mentioned already:

April 2008 – Forgiving as Christ Forgave Us

March 2011   “Sins of Ignorance vs. Intentional sins”

March 2007 –“Are you Crucified with Christ?”


If these messages bless you in the upcoming Passover season, let others know about the website and these sermons, or even copy and forward this blog.  Blessings to all of you as we together come before our Savior and renew our baptism commitments to let HIM live in us and to change our walk after our encounter with Messiah.  Email me too or call… I am encouraged by feedback.

As we lift the Master’s cup at Passover in the coming weeks I speak for us all as we address our Savior and our Father:

Master, Yeshua-- we salute you. We honor you. We ask your help to walk as you walked.  Thank you for showing us the Way, for being the Way. We thank you for covering our horrible sins, every single one of them, under your precious blood. We thank you for being willing to make our bodies your home as you continue deleavening our lives and help us grow in your image.  Come soon, our dear Redeemer. We love you more than ever, but know we need to prove our love even more than we do. Please help us to grow in ever deeper love for you and obedience to you.  And Father, our dear Abba, thank you for sending the Word, who is now your Son and our life by the resurrection. Your love for us knows no bounds. Thank you, thank you, dear Abba. You are just so amazing. We look forward to meeting you in person someday Father, when we will be changed and see you as you are (1 John 3:2).  Speed that day, please speed that day, dear Abba.