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Passover –Unleavened Bread- Pentecost dates this year 2013

Our household does not believe mankind has the right to change the dates Yehowah has given us as divine appointments to meet with him.  Orthodox Jews, rabbinic Jews, some Hebrew roots folks, most of the sabbath-keeping church of God groups and fellowships unfortunately do follow the “postponement” rules set up by rabbis.  They openly admit they’re changing the dates and call them “postponements”, though most of the time the change is to a day or two earlier than it should be. Some of you “see” this error but are afraid to step up and worship on the right days for fear of alienating your friends.  I pray you make the right decision this year if you know in your heart that what I’ll say here is correct.

Even the orthodox rabbis admit that a new month begins with the first visible sighting of the new moon in Jerusalem or Israel. The law goes forth out of Jerusalem, remember. So that’s not the issue.  If you have an issue with that definition, then that’s an entirely different discussion.  But rabbinic Jews believe that in four situations they somehow have the right to move the holydays to a day earlier or so.

This household, this website, does not agree. I keep God’s holy Sabbath on the 7th day because that’s when Yehowah says to keep it. No convenience rules can make me teach that in some cases we should change it to Sunday, the day of the sun.  In the same way, if Yehowah says He wants to meet with us on a particular day of His calendar – in which every month starts with the first visible sighting of the new crescent light of the moon in Jerusalem – then that’s the day we do it. 
Read the rest of this blog to learn more about the unchanged dates for Passover, Night to be Observant, and the Days of Unleavened Bread in 2013.

The new moon was sighted in Jerusalem on our pagan Roman calendar March 13, making March 14 the first day of YHVH’s calendar since all God’s days begin with sundown the night before.  So March 14 is Day 1 of the month of Aviv (Abib) in Yehowah’s calendar.  So on Yehowah’s calendar, Day 14 is the Passover day.  Day 15 is the first holyday of Unleavened Bread.  Day 21 is the 7th and last holyday of the Days of Unleavened Bread.  See Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23:4-16.

On our Roman calendars then, what I’ll be doing this year is this:

·    We’ll do the footwashing and unleavened bread/drink of the Master’s cup the evening of March 26, Tuesday, as Yeshua clearly did that service the evening before He was crucified and sacrificed as the Lamb of God.  The next day, Passover daytime -- at 3 pm Passover day, at the precise instant the Lamb for the nation was being sacrificed on the Temple mount, Yeshua was pierced with a spear and breathed His last, proclaiming “It is finished”, at the same instant the High Priest on the temple mount was saying the very same words as he slew the lamb “It is finished. The lamb for the nation…”

·    The evening immediately after Yeshua died on the stake/tree or cross – is the Night to be Observant.  For us, that will be the evening of March 27, 2013, Wednesday evening.  It is also a proclamation of our liberty from the penalty of sin as we come under the blood of the Lamb.  (I hope to have time to prepare a teaching on the Threshold Covenant as well.) This will also be the start of the 7 days of Unleavened Bread.  I call it “observant” because that is the real gist of the Hebrew.  When armies are leaving an area is a time to be watchful. When we have proclaimed our liberty from sin, is a time to be watchful that we don’t callously and carelessly bring in more sin.  We have to be on guard against the enemy putting sins back into our lives.  Be sure to hear the coming sermon on “the Hidden Leaven”.

·    The two holydays – without the changes made by the rabbis without ANY Biblical authority to do so – will be March 28 Thursday (the 15th of Abib) and April 3, Wednesday, 2013. The days begin at sundown the evening before. Those are the correct holydays! Those are the divine appointments – the moedim – of YHVH and He commands our meeting with Him on THOSE days.  What you do is your business. I’m just telling my readers what Yehowah tells us.  I’m so happy that more and more Church of God folks, Hebrew Roots folks and Karaite Jews understand the corruption of the Postponement rules.  Join us in celebrating our victory over sin on the right days!


·    Wavesheaf Day, not a holyday, is Sunday March 31. Wavesheaf day should be acknowledged and remembered in prayer and thanksgiving, the day Yeshua was raised to Heaven in behalf of the rest of the harvest (HE was the first fruit of the early barley harvest, a very “humble grain”).  You folks at the Church of God groups – don’t let this day slide by, though it seems to be seldom mentioned in sermons at your organizations.

·    Pentecost this year will therefore be Sunday, May 19.  Remember all holydays begin the evening before, at sundown. 

I remind my readers from 45 countries around the world, I am not a church organization and I do not belong to any of these organizations of men.  I belong to Christ (Mark 9:41), as you do.  Let’s worship Him together, and do so on the right days.  The ekklesia – the called out ones – is not ANY organization. The ekklesia IS a spiritual organism composed of all and any who are washed in the Blood of the Lamb, who have had ALL their sins forgiven upon their repentance, and are now being led by His Spirit.  I pray you will see the difference, and begin to ask Father to help you find your true brothers and sisters wherever they are.  So brother and sister, have a peaceful, gracious Passover season this year.

Though we are not yet what we’re going to be, and not yet what we totally want to be – thank Yeshua the Lamb of God, that we are no longer what we were.  Hallelujah and praises to the Lamb of our Father’s House.  And someday, there will be many, many more, an innumerable multitude, in our Father’s House.  Hallelujah!  Remember, it was one lamb for a household (Exodus 12:3).  Father’s Lamb therefore (Yeshua), is for His household also.  Welcome to Father’s house!

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