We’ve focused a lot on deleavening, putting sin out, replacing the leavened (sinful) life with the Unleavened Bread from heaven – Yeshua.  He is risen; He is living His life anew.  “Yeshua” means “Salvation”.  

Sometimes we (me included) focus so much on the sin, the leaven, the guilt, the consequences of sin, the fear of punishment if we don’t repent – that we don’t focus enough on the JOY of Yeshua. Yeshua MEANS “Salvation”.  

Even MORE than being about the death of the Lamb of God, we need to focus on the joy that results when we accept that blood covering. Yeshua was killed, yes – but by His blood we are granted victory over sin, over its punishment and over its guilt. By His blood we can enter into a new covenant with Him. All covenants involved “cutting” and shedding of blood.  But true, before joy there has to be confession, repentance and commitment to change.  But given all that, the last few days and really ever since we accepted the Lamb, we should have been experiencing profound JOY from our deliverance from sin. 

But the truth is -- most of us humans don’t know how to let go. We keep going back in our minds to the scene of the crime or the sin. That in turn, leads us away from the joy of deliverance and the pardon we’ve been given. We get so sidetracked by doctrinal issues, on the calendar dates issues or on any issue but His love – that we forget the reason for the season!  I’ve done that too. Let’s get back to what we should be focusing on!

Click on “Read more” to get the rest of this important message. We’ll talk about how David expressed his need for joy after confessing the bloodguilt over Uriah and much more. If you aren’t experiencing that joy, please continue reading the rest of the blog.

Perhaps some of us don’t focus enough on the new life, the new creation, the joy of having the peace and devotion we should now feel.  Passover is about freedom, joy, being freed, having Someone who believes in you. OK, WE must be the ones believing in HIM.  I get that. 

But have you considered that HE also believes that YOU can change, YOU can be new, YOU can be a new creation, you are acceptable to Him, you are a new kind of person than you were before – because HE LIVES.  To put it another way, HE is confident of what He can do in you, now that you have put HIM in charge of your life.  (If YOU are still in charge of your life, you’re still in trouble. Yeshua must be LORD and Master now and we do what His Spirit tells us now.) 

In Hebrews 2:10-13, we are told that Yeshua is not ashamed of you or me.  He is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters. That frankly boggles my mind. I’ve given Him a lot to be ashamed of over my lifetime – and so have you. So has everybody.  We tend to categorize sinners into “worst of the worst” and “not so bad”, but all of us have incurred the same penalty—the life of the Son of God. Maybe you feel you’re in the “not so bad” category, so I’ll speak for myself:  I’m amazed that He knows who I am.  I’m amazed that He loves me. I’m amazed that He died for ME and was raised for me, and that He lives in me.  Passover has to come to be that personal.  You and I are saying “He did it for me” – not just “for everyone”.  Personalize Yeshua’s mission.  He lived, suffered and died and wants to live again in YOU, in me.  

Hebrews 2:11 says He who sanctifies (God, Yeshua) and those being sanctified or being made holy (that’s us), are all of one!  That’s exactly what Yeshua prayed in John 17:21-23, that WE may be ONE in God as Yeshua was one with Father and Father in Him – all of us are in Christ, in God (Col. 3:3).  

At His Passover with His disciples the night He was betrayed, this incredible Son of God and Son of Man was talking about all of us loving one another the way HE loves us (John 13:33-35). He had just washed Judas Iscariot’s feet! He spoke of the peace we can have in Him, the JOY of the day. Isn’t that incredible? 

So I want readers of this website to understand we need to be about His JOY, His LOVE, His peace – more than about our sin.  Our sins are gone. They’re buried and past. He remembers them no more. It’s time to focus on the real POINT of Passover:  we have an amazing God! We have an incredible Leader and Savior. 

Now that you’ve deleavened your spiritual temple and have repented of your sins and accepted Yeshua as your Savior, we need now to focus on HIM – and not so much now on us, and our sins. Passover and Days of Matzoth (unleavened bread) is freedom and joy.  
I want to focus much more on the consequences of what HE did for me, than what I failed to do for Him. 

I want to focus much more on the JOY of His salvation than I do the pain of the memories of my sins.  

I want to focus now on how Yeshua accepts me into Yehowah’s (God’s) family and flock as belonging to Him – not on the Slanderer (Devil) I used to belong to. Slander and gossip and keeping record of sins are Satan’s way and the way of his children.  God’s children forgive and see the new person we are in Christ. Love keeps no record of wrong (1 Cor. 13:5) or thinks about evil.  

I want to focus much more on how His amazing love is greater than any of my sins. 
This is the same Saviour who told the woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8:1-12), “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” But He forgave her, encouraged her, accepted her.  This is the same Saviour who inspired Paul to tell the Corinthians to bring back into their fellowship that horrible, horrible sinner who had openly and defiantly paraded his awful sex sins before, but who had now repented. Paul said don’t let him languish out there as a shunned pariah or spiritual leper!  Read it yourself in 2 Corinthians 2:1-11, especially verses 8-11.  

This is the same Savior who now wants to present you and me – His Bride – as a bride without spot or wrinkle.  Of course, we have to present ourselves to HIM to work in us, to let HIS mind be in us and to follow Him as He leads by His Spirit. 

Be watching for a full audio message that will go into far more detail about the JOY and PEACE we should be feeling after repenting and accepting our Savior. We’ll discuss David’s statements at the end of Psalm 51, the changed lives of those who DO move on in His love and joy and much more. Read the last half of Psalm 51 to catch the joy David was looking for. 

To my friends and family who come to this website, I tell you openly: I have no moral authority on my own goodness to be writing and speaking as I do. I openly acknowledge that. I buried that “old man”, that old self in the blood of the Lamb. 

But because I know so well that I’ve been forgiven so much, I want to shout His praises from the rooftops. I want to speak of His love to all who will hear. Those who know they’ve been forgiven much-- love much, Yeshua said.  So I want to introduce my Lord and my God to as many as I can.  I want to proclaim how GREAT is His love, how AWESOME is our Savior, how patient is our Husband-to-be, how astonishing is His – and Father’s – grace to and for me, and you too!

The authority I speak from is from profoundly experiencing His love and forgiveness – and His acceptance into His fold. I want to tell everyone I can about this Jesus – this Yeshua, whose name means “Salvation”. 

Will you help me spread the word about Him?  Share this blog with any and all you can, if it has been helpful to you. 

Walk now in the joy and peace of our Yeshua’s love and new life He will live in you.