Were you born for such a time as this?

Hello, child of the Most High. Yes, you are part of what Peter calls the “royal priesthood” of believers (1 Peter 2:9), called children of God (1 John 3:2). We’re being prepared to lead, serve, and help start the new Kingdom of God coming to earth.  Those who will have gone through the new birth of the Spirit described in John 3:3-8 will be leaders in that kingdom.

Why did I start that way?  Because all too often, it seems God’s children, those led by His spirit – you and I – get sidetracked.  Royals are raised – even groomed -- to be aware of who they are and what they’re destined to become.  We should have no less consciousness of our calling! We forget why we have been called. We lose “the big picture” of what is about to happen. As a “royal” of the coming kingdom, we must start living with a greater sense of purpose and destiny.  Warning though:  we must also never forget that God called the weak of the world – to confound the wise, however (1 Corinthians 1:26-31). If indeed we are in the final 20 years or less before Yeshua lands on the Mt. of Olives with His Bride (the called-out ones), many of us may well see the most exciting, terrifying, inspiring, faith-testing and earth-shaking events this planet has ever seen.  Read the rest of this blog to have our eyes reopened to our task, to our calling  and to the idea that we should be so much more AWARE that we live in historic times. Now PLEASE do not read into this blog that I am promoting a group filled with megalomania or some cock-eyed thing like that! But we can and must live with a sense of purpose and a cause bigger than us.

Imagine being a sailor on one of Columbus’ ships as he sought a shorter route to China. Did they have any idea that what they were doing was about to change the course of history and civilization as they knew it? Sometimes I think we believers are like his sailors going through the motions without the excitement of being a part of something so “game-changing” as that.  Hundreds of years from now children in the Millennium will be studying about our era, the times we live in. They will be reading about how God’s children conducted themselves. They’ll be reading about you and me similar to how we read about the Israelites in the days of Samson or David or Jeremiah.  We don’t see ourselves involved in something history-making enough, but we should be. You don’t have to be “a big name” for that to happen.  Sometimes the most timeless stories are being told about nameless people: “the widow and her last 2 mites” (Mark 12:41-44) or the woman with an issue of blood who had tremendous faith to be healed (Mark 5:25-30; Mark 6:56) – but we don’t even know their names.  Someday we’ll meet those great women and thank them for their faith. We read of Paul’s devotion to the Philippian brethren, his admonishment to the Corinthians and “those of Chloe” who informed Paul of the issues.

The point of this blog is simply to be more aware of the urgency of the times, of the historic period we’re blessed to be part of (not just “fortunate” – as it has nothing to do with “fortune”).  Let’s rise to the occasion. Let’s come together as believers who realize now that all of us blessed with His Spirit are part of the coming royal family of Yehowah.  Let’s be like those of the tribe of Issachar in King David’s days who “had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…” (1 Chronicles 12:32).  Let’s pray He give us that same understanding. We can look at the sky and tell if good or bad weather is coming, but we can’t understand the times we live in (Matthew 16:3). Pray for it. Rise to the occasion.  Let’s encourage one another. Let’s get in touch.  I urge you who read these to get in touch with me too. We all need encouragement.

John the Baptist came to prepare a people ready for their Lord (Luke 1:17).  I believe there is yet a coming type of Elijah, as John the Baptist was (Mark 9:12-13) and we need to be prepared to back him up. There will be the two witnesses (Rev. 11).  And no – these 2 witnesses are not “Christianity and Judaism” as I’ve heard some speculate.  Not at all. These are two literal men who will be martyred at the end of their ministry and whose bodies will be visible around the world on satellite TV (Revelation 11:7-13).  Are you prepared to recognize these leaders and support them and be able to distinguish between false teachers and true teachers?

So let’s talk about this with one another. Let’s dream about it, pray about it, live it – we are a people called for such a time as this, just as Esther was put where she was for her time (Esther 4:13-16).  And just like Esther had the understanding of the gravity of her times, let’s follow her example and proclaim a fast and seek Almighty God in heaven and ask for Him to wake us all up, to bring us together, to live as the royals of the kingdom of God that we are.  Let’s pray and study and overcome sin as never before. We live in momentous times.  When you fast, read Isaiah 58 again and determine to use this fast to change, to repent, to let Yeshua live His life in you and to demonstrate HIS righteousness (listen to my latest sermon on this site).  It would be a great time to ask Him to help us re-set our lives, rededicate ourselves to Him, and understand why He called us. Pray on this day of fasting that He open your eyes to see the big picture.  Pray He put in our hearts a strong sense of destiny and a mission HE wants us to accomplish. Ask Yeshua to come live His life again in you. Invite Him IN to your life.

Our days will be written about and talked about for millennia to come.  Are you grasping this? 
Read 1 Thessalonians 5:1-10 on your own. There Paul tells us to be on our guard, awake to the times, alert, growing in Him, putting on the breastplate of righteousness – and not be caught off guard when our King returns.


On a scale of 1-100 on the “Shaking the Nations” scale [see my former blog], it will be at 100 at the time of our Savior’s return. What we see going on right now around the world would be only a 5 perhaps, on the scale of 1-100. So we’re about to witness some tremendously frightening times - - unless we have a real close relationship and exercise HIS faith.

A lot is going on.  Israel is being surrounded by radical Islamists.  Egypt’s Morsi has declared martial law and the USA rewards him with F-16 jets and more tanks.  Are we crazy? Syria’s chemical warfare stockpile is at risk of falling into the hands of Al-Qaeda. That could be disastrous for Israel and all terrorists’ targets around the world –even in the USA. Iran could have a nuclear bomb soon.  China is on the rise, and USA on the decline. The shaking is just beginning. Please understand Father will also shake each of us until all that remains in us is what cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:27-28). What cannot be shaken refers to the things of the Kingdom of God.

So let’s fast, pray, and wake up to the momentous times we’re in, and realize someday everyone will be talking about “our day” and the 5-20 years ahead of us. Let’s be more zealous than ever before.  It’s the most exciting time to be alive in human history. Don’t miss it!  Many are wasting so much time on texting, Facebook, web surfing, computer games or watching TV. Or maybe we’ve become workaholics and have no time for what is really important.  Brethren - - wake up! We’ve been called to so much more than that.

From now on let’s live with this deep realization and understanding of the times we’re in, and that we’re writing history with each day that passes. What will generations to come say about us, our attitudes, our generation? What will they say about God’s children and how much we let Him perform in us?  If we do let Him live mightily in each of us, there’s no telling what Yehowah can do through each of us and collectively as His children.  Can we be a generation that no longer limits Him (Psalm 78:41)? I pray for that!  

If this blog has helped you, tell others about this website and how we preach the Word – and not man-made traditions that go against His word. Spread the word yourself. And let me hear from you too.  May Yehowah bless you and keep you safe in these turbulent times!