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Prepare now for possible rough winter

We may be in for a tough winter. Are you ready? If there is a severe cold snap like Texas experienced last winter, will you be caught off guard and unprepared? If your power grid shuts down for a few days, what will happen to you? If your source of electricity and heating in a cold winter is cut off, what will you do?

God watches over us, but He expects his children to be wise and prepared. Even ants prepare by storing up food in summer – Proverbs 6:6-8. God gave Joseph understanding of seven years of plenty followed by seven calamitous years. And what did Joseph advise the Pharaoh to do? Store up extra food and supplies in the plentiful times, and they did, so Egypt was ready and able to help the rest of the world.

When you are prepared for times of trouble and difficulty, you also will be able to help those around you, as well as your immediate loved ones.

WHY do I say get ready and be ready for a rough winter? MAJOR weather changes could happen. Though the media trumpets “global warming,” it is entirely possible we could go through a deep freeze this winter. But there could also be disruptions to the supply chain caused by covid. There could be major disasters like earthquakes that interrupt flow of goods, food, and water. We watch our gas gauge on our cars to be sure we keep them above half full – again, in case unexpected fuel shortages hit us.

We know the very end times will be tough times, and it would be prudent to do what you can to get through these times as best as we can. In the end, yes, we will all have to trust in God to supply our needs but I’m sure he expects us to prepare as much as we can. We certainly should do our best to keep ample supply of food and water on hand at LEAST.

In our home we keep at least 5-6 five-gallon bottles of purified WATER ready at all times. Before any projected hurricanes, we even fill up a bathtub of water in case our water supply fails for a time. We also have a water purifier that takes out 99% of all contaminants and water pollutants. Be sure you can get through at least a month or more without having to shop for FOOD. Stock up now with as much food as you can – and of course be using your cans or boxes of food up as well over time and replenish as needed. Many have even bought three months or more of emergency food from, and other vendors. These have to be kept in a relatively room temperature environment though. You can’t expect it to stay edible if stored in a hot garage attic. Check your supply of batteries of all sizes to be sure you can power up lanterns, flashlights and more.

We also bought a propane outdoor barbecue stove and extra bottles of propane – again, in  case of electrical failure. That way we can still cook. A couple years ago we bought a large enough generator to keep lights on in much of the house, plus keep key appliances like fridge and stove powered up. That also means having some backup fuel for the generator too.

OK, in the end, these steps won’t supply your need in extended emergencies of several months or years. Worldwide famines and plagues ARE coming. Jesus said so (Matthew 24:7). Even to America. Do your best to be as prepared as possible  -- and then still also totally trust and rely on God.

Be willing to share. This is KEY. I know many of you just naturally would. When Elijah showed up at a widow’s home during a famine he had called, the widow had enough for one last meal. Elijah asked her to share it with him. She did  -- and God blessed her with miraculous food supply for the duration of the famine. Her jars of oil never got used up! Her supply of flour never dwindled. Read the story in 1 Kings 17:8-16. And remember, in the 7-year famine of Joseph’s day, Egypt shared as well, though at a price. 

Plus this: remember the miracle of feeding the 5,000 plus? The story begins with the young boy who had 5 loaves and 2 fish but was willing to give them up to Jesus! And boy did he ever end up sharing to thousands! John 6:1-14, see verse 8-9 about the youth.

 The greatest preparation we can all make is to be seeking God diligently more than you ever have in your life. Seek him. Get as close to your Father and your Savior as you can. It’s really wonderful that our father is God Most High – king of the universe! Be sure you’re getting to know Him, then He will take care of his children if you do that.

And watch world trends, and “pray that you be counted worthy to escape all these things that shall come upon the earth” (Luke 21:36). 

 Please feel free to add comments and give further suggestions below this blog that you may have that can prove helpful. Let’s get through these rough times with God’s blessings and the support from God’s children.

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George Otieno on Tuesday, 05 July 2022 08:56
Be Wise and Prepared!

Thank you Philip Shields for this message. I have learnt that as God's people we should "BE WISE AND PREPARED". With the right knowledge about where the world is heading to, we should wise and prepared.

Thank you Philip Shields for this message. I have learnt that as God's people we should "BE WISE AND PREPARED". With the right knowledge about where the world is heading to, we should wise and prepared.

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