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Wouldn’t it have been nice to have lived in Bible days? Have you ever thought that? 

** To be in the Valley of Elah and watch David confront the giant Goliath?

** To be there when Yeshua walked the earth; to be part of his audience during his sermons and teachings?

** Or to hear the preaching of Jonah or Isaiah or Peter and Paul?

** To have watched Elijah and his simple prayer of faith and call down fire from heaven?

** How awesome it would have been to watch the Red Sea part in two and walk across.

** Or to have been in the Ark that Noah built.

Or better yet, how wonderful it would have been to have seen and conversed with the risen Christ and to have been among the 500 or so who watched him rise back up to heaven?

Of course I doubt we would have liked to have been among the early believers who were stoned, thrown to the lions or burned at the stake by the thousands for their professed belief in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

But still, “If only I could have lived in Bible days” we muse.

I’ve got news for you. When it is all said and done, all those people will be saying all that about you and me! All who came before us will be thinking WE are the ones who got the best of “Bible times”.

We ARE living in the very days that the prophets prophesied about! We are watching the collapse of governments as they cave to the ungodly demands of the ungodly. We will watch the formation of the Beast power and the anti-Christ great False prophet that probably is alive and active even now. Let me rephrase: we ARE already watching the formation of all the building blocks necessary to have the worldwide Beast power appear before us. Perhaps some of us just need to open our eyes to this.

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I think the problem is that we are people who are not living with the proper sense of just how HISTORIC the times are in which we live right now.

The coming times ahead, as revealed in scripture and as I’ve spoken about in recent sermons, are going to be as “never seen before”.

** We will witness and some of us will experience the time of Satan’s wrath against God’s children and the time of trouble as the world has never seen. That will involve you, if you’re one of God’s children. Apart from God, it will be a scary, very scary time.

** YOU will witness the terrifying cosmic displays and meteorite showers impacting the earth as GOD’S wrath starts. Plagues, famines, pestilences, worldwide war and terrorism like you’ve never imagined before – will be happening before your very eyes.

** If you stay faithful to the end, you will witness the great first resurrection and you will experience the changing of your body from mortal to immortal and having angels zoom down to carry you to your King waiting in the clouds above. It’s coming soon. Probably in the lifetime of most of you reading this.           

People will come to you centuries from now, after the resurrections, asking you “what was it like just before Messiah returned. Tell us, tell us.”

They’ll be asking us what the Wedding Supper of the Lamb of God was like. You could be one of the elect chosen to experience that bliss. You were there. You will be able to tell them.

Wake up and realize you’re living in exciting times and they’re about to get even far more exciting.

But also realize and live as one on whom the world depends for its very existence.

“And if those days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved alive, but for the ELECT’S SAKE (here’s where you come in), those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24:22).

The very continued existence of mankind will be a reality – because YOU are part of the faithful elect. REALIZE that. Live that. Act it. BE it. HUMAN continued existence depends a lot on YOU being faithful and obedient, believe it or not.

There’s so much prophesied about YOU. There’s so much SAID TO you.   Want examples?

** If Christ comes fairly soon, in the next 10-20 years, many of you/us will be alive to witness His return in glory.   We’ll be there hearing the trumpet of God and our bodies being changed to immortal spirit bodies. People for millennia afterwards are going to ask you what all that was like!

** Warning not to be lukewarm like the Laodiceans and what could happen if you don’t heed that warning. Read the end of Revelation 3. I hope people won’t be asking us why we didn’t heed the warnings, but thank God we eventually repented and have a high reward in the end… but they might say “Wow, why did you not just repent ahead of time and avoid all the horrors you had to go through?”

** Encouragement to the Philadelphian type people, hopefully including you and me – Rev 3:7-13

** Actually we are to heed the messages to all 7 churches (Rev. 2 and 3, see the wording after each section)

** Revelation 7 – the 144,000 who are sealed before the 7th seal and 7 trumpet plagues begin

** I love the words of Yeshua where he tells us to pray that we counted worthy to escape all the horrors coming upon mankind and to stand before our king (Luke 21:36)

** And to lift up our eyes and be joyful for our redemption has come (Luke 21:28)

My point is simple: You ARE living in the most “Bible times” period of time the world has ever seen.

So be focusing on your relationships: First with the one true God and our Savior Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ) and also a loving relationship with mankind all around you – which is what the greatest 2 commandments are all about: loving God and loving people.

I really believe that people who lived in “Bible times” will want to hear your story as much as you want to interview them. I really believe even some of the names of “great men and women of faith” in the Bible will want your first-hand recounting of what the “last days” were like.

Believe it. Act and live like you believe it. It’s for real. You’re living in the best Bible times ever!

Halloween. Believers won’t participate!
When did you last feed Yeshua?


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