Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Speak of God as “your God”

We usually just say “God” or “Christ” or “Jesus” when speaking about the Creator or Savior. This sermon explains the importance of having a closer identification with our God and Savior. We of His people should be speaking of our Father and our God as “OUR” God and “OUR” – or MY- Father, my God, my Savior. The prophets and apostles did. Yeshua did. Making this one change in the way you speak of Him will affect your relationship more than you might realize.
Duration:51 mins 44 secs


Posted on:
Sunday, 21 June 2020
Posted by:
Sidney Fry
Here is brought out the obvious of all the many many references to speaking of OUR Father (MY Father) and OUR Savior (MY Savior) in a personal, possessive way in the Word of God. And, by comparison, also brings out the obvious of how most in the churches of God never do. It does make you wonder. My initial reaction is because I don’t feel worthy enough to boldly make that claim. But I know that shouldn’t be.

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