Is it possible to be in deep peace even in the face of terrible health news, or financial collapse, or death of loved ones? Can we have peace in our hearts no matter what's going on? Find out what scripture teaches us. This teaching could be life-changing if applied. Enjoy.
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Sunday, 25 December 2022
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This is an incredibly powerful, hope inspiring and faith building sermon in these end of the age times. I am short of words to fully express how this message to touched and blessed me. Please take your time to listen to this whole sermon too! George Otieno Owato, Kenya Minister.
Posted on:
Thursday, 29 December 2022
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Perfect sermon note for today's world that we live in leading to upcoming troubling times! This gave me great hope, encouragement and confidence that we can have this perfect peace no matter what. Good topic to be reminded again and again. Thank you for this great note! Janine
Posted on:
Thursday, 05 January 2023
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Hallelu Yah! This is a wonderful and inspiring sermon which our Abba Has blessed you to post I have truly been blessed and increased my hope in Him, Wonderful testimony. Truly this is food in the the right time. Hallelu Yah!
Posted on:
Wednesday, 11 January 2023
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Thank you Philip for this powerful message on how to find perfect peace in troubling times. It's truly a valuable teaching and could be life-changing if applied. Your message reminds us that even in the face of difficult and stressful situations such as terrible health news, financial collapse or the death of loved ones, it is still possible to find deep peace and tranquility within our hearts. I appreciate how you have shared the scriptural teachings that help us understand how to have peace in our hearts, no matter what's going on. Your guidance and wisdom are truly valuable, and your teachings are a source of inspiration that helps us to focus on finding peace even in the most difficult of times. Thank you again, Philip, for this message and for your efforts in spreading the word of God in this way. It was truly insightful and it will help many to find inner peace amidst turbulent times.

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