Yeshua said, "I go prepare a place for you". This message explains the astonishing connection of John 14 with Pentecost. Are we going to heaven to get married or not? What does Pentecost have to do with weddings involving the Living God? Learn how the weddings of Jesus' day picture what God is doing so his Son has a wonderful home for his Bride when he marries her. Where will the Wedding Supper take place? Where is that exciting home and huppah bridal chamber for the Bride? Are the ten virgins of Matthew 25 the same as the Bride? And what does all this have to do with Pentecost? It's time to find out!
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Posted on:
Sunday, 21 June 2020
Posted by:
Sidney Fry
INSPIRING! REALLY GOOD! I’ve never heard any sermon on the subject with such a vivid portrayal, and I really wonder if there has been one! It is so uplifting and fun to listen to, being so personalized in this presentation, as something that we can look forward to. Not just ‘something’ but part of the ULTIMATE we can look forward to! You explained : YOU…are not in the flesh, but in THE SPIRIT…..the REAL YOU! The Body is what house’s us! Though we rarely register it, it’s easy to grasp because our ‘self,’ apart from the body, is so complex and individual…but to be IN THE SPIRIT is because the Holy Spirit is IN you, guiding you. Interesting point about our Father ‘picks’ the bride for Christ, as was custom in the old world. However, the bride has to agree (accept the calling—unlike maybe some of the examples in the old world!) Also, the comparison of offering a cup of wine during a betrothal and Christ’s cup given for the New Covenant and what-all goes with that cup….so many insights I have not considered! You were speculating about the 10 virgins. Wow, the scriptures saying the Bride is brought to the King with the virgins who are her companions. It sure sounds like what you were conjecturing! (When Coulter does that he rings a cowbell!)
Posted on:
Monday, 20 June 2022
Posted by:
I love this sermon for sure. Will have to share this powerful message with others!

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