Do you have a dream? God has a dream for you too: He is calling you to be in the First resurrection, which has everything to do with Pentecost. What does that mean? WHY is it called the “better resurrection” in Heb 11:35? WHO will be in that resurrection? I pray this teaching will re-excite God’s children to their high, high calling and help us protect and cherish it. See the connection to PENTECOST. Especially if you need to be re-motivated in the things of God, this sermon is for you.
Duration:1 hr 10 mins 9 secs


Posted on:
Thursday, 13 June 2019
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Thank you for this very inspirational message.
Posted on:
Thursday, 27 June 2019
Posted by:
Jemima Morrison
Dear Philip, --I wrote a post , but somehow , it did not get through !!! so here I am trying again . --- Thank you my dear Brother in CHRIST, for this most Blessed message , it is right from GOD, this message has brought me JOY, to know that I am forgiven, to Know that We shall all be with OUR ABBA FATHER, and OUR SAVIOUR OUR WONDERFUL LOVING KING ---- my heart and voice has been singing the old chorus, by and by we are going to see THE KING--- and crown HIM LORD OF ALL, also one of my favourites, always comes to me when I Listen to your messages inspired from our GOD -- GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE, AND HE WILL REMEMBER HIS OWN, THO TRIALS OPRESS US , AND BURDENS DISTERSS US, HE NEVER WILL LEAVE US ALONE, --- GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE, AND HE IS WITH US --HIS OWN -- HIS PROMISE IS TRUE, HE WILL NOT FORGET YOU , -- GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE HALELLUYAH . LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT POST , BLESS YOU MY DEAR BROTHER AND FRIEND

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