Was the Word (John 1:1-3, 14) – whom we know to be Yeshua (Jesus) – also sometimes the One called “YHVH”, or “the LORD”, in the Old Testament? Absolutely. And today I’ll prove that by scripture. Understanding this is key to understanding the coming “Day of the LORD” and how God the Father and the Word of God worked with Israel and the nations prior to the coming of Messiah. Sometimes YHVH must refer only to the Father, and sometimes only to the WORD who was also God, and sometimes to both, depending on context. I’ll prove that in this sermon. Who was the YHVH who appeared to humans – though Yeshua said NOBODY has ever seen God the Father (John 6:46)? MANY examples are given that show where YHVH is the one who came as Christ. What is the Hebrew “Word Picture” for YHVH – and much, much more. This lesson will surprise many of you and reassure many others as to the greatness of our Yeshua our Saviour. Be sure to print out the lesson before hearing it, as it will move along quickly. I welcome your comments after you hear the lesson.
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 40 secs

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