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Sat, Jun 29, 2019
Duration: 46 mins 10 secs
Brand new sermon! What ARE you and I? Have you ever wondered what gives us LIFE? Or how God is involved in our breath or “spirit in man”? Or why humans are so different from animals, and why we have a mind and they don't’? Or what happens when we die? Does something leave us when we die and go back to God in heaven? This is part 1 of a 2 part that will explain so many things people have pondered over the years.
Tue, Jun 04, 2019
Most of you are keeping Pentecost June 9th. This is a sermon I gave last year, low-key, more conversational, but I think you’ll have plenty food for thought, even if some of you have heard it before. What 5-fold meanings of Pentecost can you come up with? What does the day picture? Is it just the receiving of God’s holy spirit? That’s more than enough, but it’s even so much more than that. When are the first fruits to rise up to meet Christ and then to on to have the wedding supper? Enjoy and let’s praise our Father and our Savior-Redeemer Yeshua on this pivotal and transitional day in God’s plan of salvation.
Sat, Jun 01, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 5 mins 56 secs
Yeshua is the “I am” along with God the Father. While on earth, he made at least seven “I am” statements that explain his mission on earth, especially how it is through him that we get access to salvation, eternal life and to the Father. I pray these seven statements will help us all glorify and honor Yeshua (Jesus), even as we honor our heavenly Father.
Thu, May 09, 2019
You probably have heard of the “7 I am statements” by the Son of God. In this sermon you will pick up some valuable insights that will help you see and grasp more of the greatness of Yeshua (Jesus). Remember “I am” is a core meaning of YHVH. Seven times Yeshua says He is “I am” (along with God the Father). Since Yeshua is and was also GOD (John 1:1-3; Hebrews 1:8, etc) with the Father, these 7 I am statements will blaze a path of praise for our Savior.
Sun, Apr 21, 2019
Duration: 25 mins 26 secs
Passover season is the time that shows us more than any time how much God loves us. But could you conceive of a love God the Father has for you, a love so deep that it would equal the love he has for his perfect son Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah)? Is that even possible or thinkable?
Sat, Apr 06, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 14 secs
This sermon was first given in 2018 but I thought you would find it inspiring and a good reminder before Passover. Yes, put out the physical leaven before Passover. But are we AS diligent in searching out the SPIRITUAL leaven in our hearts? I refer to the more serious leaven of hidden sins, secret sins, bad habits that don’t glorify God and areas of our lives where we need to change? Is a FAST in order to help us do a deep spiritual cleansing and spiritual deleavening? In what areas of our lives do we need to make changes? Where do we need overcoming to take place? Remember to BE ready for Passover, examine ourselves and take the Passover joyfully in a worthy manner. This sermon will help you do that.
Tue, Mar 19, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 4 mins 48 secs
This sermon was first given in 2016 but I thought you would find it inspiring and a good reminder. We are in the Passover season and I recommend reviewing sermons from the March-April time period from previous years. You will be inspired by and appreciate your Savior, your Beloved Son of God and Brother, more than ever if you soak in the message of this sermon. Do we focus on Christ – or spend most of our attention at Passover time rehearsing about Israel and ancient Egypt? See how EVERYTHING in the Passover pointed to Yeshua and how He fulfilled all of it – and more than you might have realized before.
Sat, Mar 16, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 11 mins
Part 2 and conclusion to a very important topic. (Please be sure to hear and study Part 1 first.) Are you willing to accept the only righteousness that will be allowed in the kingdom of God, which is GOD’S very own perfect righteousness? So our amazing God offers to credit us with the GIFT of HIS very own righteousness, which we receive by faith. This sermon chronicles HOW that happens and includes so many scriptures to back it up. This also opens the door to real JOY over his salvation instead of always knowing we’re failures at perfection. What’s the alternative if we don’t accept His GIFT? And some ask: If we’re receiving God’s own perfect righteousness – then why do we ALL still stumble in sin from time to time? I pray this message leaves you praising God more than ever before. He is so good.
Mon, Mar 04, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 6 mins 14 secs
All scriptures are NKJV unless noted otherwise. I HOPE and pray you’ll all carefully study and hear this VITAL 2 part teaching on HOW righteous we must be to be in God’s kingdom. Hint: OUR best will NEVER be good enough. Will you ever be righteous enough for God’s kingdom? What standard do you have to attain? We’ll discuss all that. Have you received the rarely discussed FREE GIFT God has offered you? This teaching discusses the 2 filthy ditches too many believers fall into, the vast difference between the free GIFT of God versus the rewards we receive by our good works – and how understanding this determines your joy of your salvation. Also, HOW we become righteous enough for the Kingdom of God. PLEASE BE SURE TO HEAR THE AUDIO AND print out the notes to use as you listen - to help you follow along as we go through this.
Sat, Feb 16, 2019
Duration: 1 hr 13 mins 1 sec
Will you and I have to go through the Great Tribulation – or will we be spared? Some apparently will be spared BUT many will not. Which group will you be in? This sermon explains the balance we need about praying to be spared, while also not just focusing on saving our own skin. We look at Revelation 3 and 12 also. Is repentance in order? What are the qualities of those who are described as the ones spared? You’ll want to know. Transcript and audio are not 100% aligned… so print off the transcript AS you listen to the audio, or you’ll miss a lot if ONLY using notes or only audio.

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