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Welcome to Light on the Rock

We’re in the midst of summer in the USA, but before you know it, we’ll be celebrating the autumn holydays -- where we have 4 prophetic appointed times in the one Hebrew 7th month.  In the meantime, stay focused and stay zealous even in these summer months.  Enjoy the new sermons, but remember there are over 130 other lessons on this website, jam packed with Bible based teachings.   Don’t keep us a secret. If you’re learning from this website, please tell others about this free resource.  


Pray God's church and your country REPENT

by Philip Shields

Preparing the last message - on being a Jonah or a Matthew - helped start this sermon. Philip gives clear signs if you're a Jonah or not. The books of Revelation, Daniel and the prophets have all been written. The time of great wrath is nearly here. Is it too late for our nation to repent? It's time we pray for that. I'll show you it's not too late for that. But where we start in our prayer is also all-important
Duration:1 hr 18 mins 28 secs

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