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Welcome to Light on the Rock

In a very, very short time we will be rehearsing our Messiah’s last Passover with his disciples. Be sure to be reviewing our blogs and sermons to help you focus on this time period. We’ll be washing one another’s feet, breaking and eating unleavened bread and then remembering the life blood of our Messiah poured out for us as we drink a small amount of red wine. I will post instructions on how to keep it locally, if you need help with that. I’ll also post a Passover service audio for those who wish that. So this month, leading up to and after the Passover, we’ll be posting sermons and blogs that pertain to the life and sacrifice of the son of God. May you be prepared to take the Passover this year in a most joyfully thankful and yet solemn manner as we remember and appreciate the body of our Lord. May our God bless you mightily in this wonderful time.


Pentecost - One Body Working Together

by Philip Shields

What was the first thing said about those assembled on Pentecost in Acts 2:1? They were together, in one accord. That is the theme of this message today: the body of Christ is to be one, together, working to the Eternal God's glory in one accord. We are not one today. The Holy Spirit wants us together, working together in love and harmony. It is God's stated will, and it will happen. Be a part of the One Body in truth, in fact, in deed and in heart. We discuss HOW and WHO in this message.
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 17 secs

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