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Welcome to Light on the Rock

We’re starting a new Roman year and so the way I see it, we’re one year closer to us being caught up by holy angels to transport the Bride, the Body of Christ, to be with our King at his return.  God speed that day! Let’s commit this year to more time in deep daily study of God’s holy word, daily prayer on our knees as well as frequent contacts with our dear Father and Savior throughout the day.  Let’s be growing in love for every human being and our God. Let’s focus on overcoming and growing in the Spirit, as never before.

Be sure to check out our blogs.  Also scroll through the sermon titles over the years and you’ll find dozens of topics that will fascinate you here at your website.  You’ll also see more contributors and writers to our website blogs.  Thank you to the few of you who send periodic contributions that fund this website and allow our outreach programs to continue.  There are children alive and being fed and schooled today – because of you.  May our dear Father bless and watch over you all as we worship Him in Yeshua’s mighty name.  – Philip  


Part 2, Where’s the True Church that Christ Built?

by Philip Shields

Part 2. Please listen to Part 1 first. Yeshua (Jesus) promised to build his one church (ekklesia) and it would survive the ages (Matthew 16:18). So where is it? Are all Christians automatically a part of that body? Is it a particular group you can go worship with? WHAT is the true church? WHERE are all its people? Is it any one organization led by a man or woman someplace? Can we meet with others if our doctrines don’t fit 100% with each other? Can a group be part of the true church – but be having some real spiritual problems? WHO does God refer to as “My people”? You might be surprised. Should God’s children become friends with people of the world? Find out! All this and more.
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 58 secs

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