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Welcome to Light on the Rock

Welcome once again, my brothers and sisters in Christ to our free website where you can learn how to have a closer relationship with our heavenly Father, with our Savior, and with one another.  The spring time is always such a wondrous time of renewal, new life, and a new start.  It is in the spring when we’re reminded of Christ our Passover and what He did to reconcile us to God.  This reconciliation also then progresses to our forgiving and accepting one another in Christ, as washed by Him also – and so we see one another as forgiven and washed as well. 

Enjoy our 120+ sermons, dozens of short “blogs” -- as this is all timeless material. Use the Search bar to find topics, or scroll down by year or even by topic.  You can also go back to March-April of previous years to find Passover-type sermons.  Enjoy. 



Feasting on Yeshua (Jesus), our Daily Manna

by Philip Shields

Jesus said, “My Father gives you the Bread from Heaven”. At least for Believers, spiritual Manna has not stopped coming from heaven. Find out WHO the manna represents. How can we eat of the Bread of Life that gives us eternal life? What habits must be engrained if we are to live the parallels between ancient manna and our lives today as Believers? Manna is so much more than just being a picture of the Bible or Bible study. Learn how – and so much more – in this message. Certainly if you want to grow deeper in your love for your Savior and His Word, hear this heartfelt sermon.
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 36 secs

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