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Welcome to Light on the Rock

The Feast and 8th day are over. We’re back to work and back home. I hope you all had a wonderful Feast, as we did, hearing and learning about the coming Millennial reign of our Savior and King. I’ll be sharing a couple of appropriate sermons about that. Let others know about this free website full of 125+ sermons and many blogs. Please be sure to comment on the blogs.

Be one who helps gather together the children of God. Visit other groups. Evidence the agape love that God’s children have for one another, no matter where they attend. And remember, every day that passes is another day closer to the return of Messiah to restore everyone to loving unity with God above and to one another. You be a part of that spirit even now. 

Enjoy your website!  Press on to our high calling. 


Handling Doctrinal differences

by Philip Shields

One of the main reasons people divide and separate is over doctrinal differences. This teaching goes into: what is doctrine? Where does true doctrine come from? How does scripture say we should handle doctrinal disagreements? Which doctrines are crucial to salvation and which ones are not – or are all doctrines crucial? How did Yeshua and Paul handle doctrinal disputes? What’s the balance? I hope this teaching will speak to each one’s heart.
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 36 secs

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