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Woe to those who call evil – good. Isaiah 5:20

I was listening to some young people talking the other day and someone was describing a great and fun and wonderful time they had had at such-and-such a place.  “Aw man, it was wicked.  It was so much fun.” 

I don’t think the young man speaking meant “It was evil” – but that it was great, it was fun in his eyes. Later on, I heard someone else say, “Ohh…you’re bad! But that’s what I like about you”.  He didn’t mean the guy was really bad, as in evil, but that he was good.

In Isaiah 5:20 the Everliving One warns us:   “WOE to those who call evil good, and good evil…”

So please don’t think of these as harmless expressions.  Our Creator specifically tells us to have no part in using expressions or language that perverts a word’s meaning! 

It’s happening so clearly in our society today. It’s literally happening.  What is truly righteous is being called evil hate speech or something equivalent. And what is truly pure evil is being called good. 

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Here are examples of how this nation is getting very good at calling bad things – good things. Or at least minimizing the “bad” aspects.

Politicians accept large sums of money from political groups wanting the politician to do their bidding – and they’re called “lobbyists”.  I think the Word would call it what it really is: bribery.

Two people of the opposite sex (and more and more – of the same sex) decide to live together with full “conjugal” privileges and without a full dedicated promise to stay together for the rest of their lives, but don’t get married, and call the other person their “significant other”.  Or simply their “partner” or “live-in boyfriend”.  Folks, the Bible calls it what it is:  fornication.  Sex before marriage is a sin.  There is no longer any shame whatsoever in openly living with, apart from marriage, someone of the opposite sex. When I was a child, it was called “shacking up” but it carried shameful overtones. No longer.  In fact there is no longer any shame in openly admitting to having sex on one’s dates – sometimes with many different partners over a span of a week or month.  

Many of us have been guilty of sex sins in our lives. But at least a child of God who failed in that area is ashamed of it and realizes it was wrong but they were weak. They succumbed to temptation and sinned.  They sinned, and call it what it is: sin. Fornication today seems no more serious than having an ice cream sundae.  This is happening all the way down to early teens and younger.

Flat out adultery is dismissed as a “fling” or “an affair”.  The other is called a “mistress” and this has gone on for millennia.  French kings even built palaces for their mistresses.  In scripture, adultery brought a death penalty for all participants.  Thank God for his mercy in the new covenant.  But it is evil, causes great pain to all involved and is not a harmless fling.

We dismiss the one true living God, the Creator, when we call upon “mother Earth” to intervene with weather, etc. It’s time we wake up who is the true God of the universe and come to acknowledge Him.

The country seems happy to allow the worship of all kinds of gods and religions – and simply call it multiculturalism.  No one dare speak up against some religious extremism and terrorism – but truly Christian beliefs are maligned, ridiculed and dismissed on a daily basis.  

Today, “lying” is only if you tell an untruth under oath.  No, a lie is telling an untruth at any time, to anyone.

Our Constitution calls for the “freedom of religion” and it adds – “and the free exercise thereof”.  So our government gives Muslims, even Muslim prisoners, prayer rugs and a Koran to read, even if they’re in jail.  But somehow a Christian is told she can’t bring her Bible to work or leave it on her desk bookshelf at work, especially if she works for any governmental body.  Where is her “free exercise thereof” clause being exercised? 

Our nation long ago rightly stopped the practice of discriminating  against people in the workplace or society in general, just because of their skin color. That was correct. But now the principle behind anti-racial law is being used to support actions by people who wish to impose their beliefs on others.

Can the government really force a business to do things that violate their religious beliefs – or isn’t that evil?  Can they make a Catholic charity pay for abortion or contraception for their employees?  Can they force a Christian business to bake a wedding cake for 2 men who wish to marry, and to decorate it with a symbol of 2 men kissing – when that violates the baker’s religious convictions?  Can they force a Christian doctor to perform an abortion on a 5 month old fetus?  Can they force businesses to allow men into women’s bathrooms, changing rooms and shower rooms, because the men feel like a woman that day?  It’s happening in retail outlets and retail chains all through the land – right now. 

All kinds of unions are happening – and we refer to them as “alternative lifestyles” instead of what they truly are. 

Here’s another example of calling evil – good.  The nation has allowed millions of our unborn boys and girls to be violently killed – and we call it “choice”, as we yawn and lose any sense of abhorrence and shock from the genocide happening in front of us. Have we gotten that “used to it”?  It’s the mother’s “choice” we say.  But when a beating heart is intentionally stopped, what about the choice of the most vulnerable of our human beings who are supposed to be protected by their mother?  Who is speaking for them?  Shouldn’t we call out abortion for what it is – murder?  It certainly isn’t planned “Parenthood” to kill that precious life!  Certainly all those who rally for abortion should be thankful their mom didn’t abort them!

            Certainly we should provide assistance and help to women, especially young women, who became pregnant and really are not ready to be a mom.  There are millions of women who cannot have their own children, who would gladly adopt these unplanned children, when they’re born. Let’s help pregnant women who are scared and lonely. OK, they sinned, but that can be forgiven. Now let’s help them keep their baby alive and let a woman who wants to raise their child have this precious life. 

Scripture says those who will not work, when or if they can, should not eat.  Those who truly need help and cannot work, should be helped. I believe that and practice that.  But those who refuse to work because they can’t find work that pays more money and benefits than the “dole” – should not be rewarded for indolence, according to scripture.  But we simply call it “welfare” and give them EBT cards to spend on what they want. Again, let’s help the truly poor and infirm.   Let’s help those who truly cannot work. Absolutely.  But  when it is clearly a case of indolence or laziness, we are not to reward that.

We let absolute filth be re-labeled “adult” or “for mature audiences” – so if you don’t wish to be a part of that, you are made to feel immature – not adult.  Since when does open sin become part of the definition of “adult’?  That’s an outrage.  We will the air waves with fecal talk and call it “freedom of expression”. 

In the name of freedom of speech we have allowed extreme violence, extreme profanity, pornography, graphic sex scenes to come into our living rooms and to fill our TV shows – and more and more so even in the daytime hours.  My brothers and sisters, you wouldn’t let someone stay overnight in your home who is throwing out “F-bombs” all the time – so why would you allow that man or woman to do that in your living room via your TV?  Keep your home a sanctuary where God’s name is revered and where flagrant sin is not invited in via TV. 

Those who do speak up for God’s word – are called “haters” and are said to have “hate speech”.  But the “other side” is allowed to smear believers in God.  Some even march in large groups and call for our police officers to be “fried like bacon” – but somehow that’s not considered hate speech and they get away with it. Comedians can hold up a likeness of the President’s severed head, in all of its bloody gore, and somehow they are not imprisoned for everything that implies.

Scripture calls for parents to train, teach and discipline their children.  But those who do, are in danger of punishment or even of having their children taken away from them.  So we stop disciplining them, all in the name of developing their self-esteem.  In fact, it’s doing the opposite. Children need to learn there is right and wrong, and penalties when we do wrong.

Our congress passes laws – and then exempt themselves from many of them.  They won’t live under the same laws they pass!  That too, is against God’s word, which says we are to have one law for everyone.  

Traditional family values are cast aside as “old hat” and primitive.  Now, instead, many prefer the “enlightenment” of doing as each one decides is right in his or her own eyes.  The concept of having any absolutes – what is absolutely right or absolutely wrong, based on God’s word as your basis and standard  – is totally dismissed as backward or even dangerous thinking.  

Children of God: let’s pull back from having any part in calling evil good, or good  - evil.

Revelation 18:4 warns God’s children:  “Come out of her, my people, lest you be a partaker in her plagues”. 

Remember:  “Woe to those who call evil good.” – Isaiah 5:20

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