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Which gets more of your time -- Facebook or God’s word?

Do I need say more?

First let me state: I’m on Facebook myself. I go on FB probably 2-3 times a week for about 20 minutes each time to stay in touch with friends and family. I’ve found it very, very easy to start spending hours on this media – even until 1-2 a.m. And I’ve had to check myself and remind myself that our lives have only so many minutes and hours that will be allotted to us. So many of my sermons and blogs are really a sharing from my heart of the same issues I struggle with. This is one I intend to stay on top of and not let FB eat up all my time. Is FB time the best use of my time – or your time? Sometimes it is for crucial comments or statements that can help encourage someone or put someone back on the right track. Sometimes WE need the positive comments we can sometimes receive.

So I understand FB. Facebook certainly has a lot of good that can be said about it. OK, there, I’ve said it. It allows family and friends to share pictures, ideas and thoughts – and to stay in touch. It’s fun. It allows us to share and reminisce the fun times. It helps us find long-lost friends and family. I hope you can see that I’m not against Facebook per se. I’m not.

But remember, even the forbidden tree had good stuff on it too. So – moderation in all things. IT was “the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and evil.” Not just evil. I also understand Facebook can become very addictive and time consuming.

We are to seek FIRST the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all the things we worry about will take care of themselves (Matthew 6:33) – or “shall be added unto you”, to be more exact.

We are warned in the Parable of the Sower that our spiritual growth and fruit can be choked by concerns and pleasures of this life (Luke 8:14) – so we end up not bearing any spiritual fruit, and end up rather empty. Nothing wrong with pleasure, per se. At God’s right hand (Yeshua) are pleasures forever more (Psalm 16:11). But now look at all the people who can find hours and hours and hours – did I say “hours” yet?—each day, to play games on Facebook, or to read everyone’s updates, or to mention that they’re about to bake some cookies or some banal and trite comment like that, but who say they have no time for real deep Bible study or prayer. They have time to touch base with their 418 friends, or a lot of them anyway, but comparatively little or no time for our Father or our coming King of kings. Don’t kid yourself. All this is not lost on God. He knows.

That surely can’t be right.

Here are some heart-check questions:


  • Which do you spend more time in – Facebook and talking with friends – or God’s word and talking with our Father and Savior?
  • Which do you enjoy more: God’s word, or Facebook time?
  • Which will affect you more for eternity – Facebook, or God’s word? (Trick question. FB can have a very, very huge impact on your eternal life.)
  • How much time ARE you spending on FB? Do you even know? Is that the best use of your time?
  • Which one is your real priority? Which one should be the real priority?
  • Are you addicted to it? Could you stay away from FB for 2 weeks? If not, you’re probably addicted to it. Do you use work time to be on FB? If so, you’re cheating your boss and you’re addicted.
  • Do you feel upset (be honest now) when you post a picture or comment and you get few or no “likes” on FB? This could be a warning sign that it’s starting to affect you psychologically.
  • Which one truly is your current priority – FB or God’s Word? You will know based on the time you spend with either FB or God’s word in your non-working hours.

The church of Laodicea was a lukewarm church with a lot to say. What will you say about this? My mission with Light on the Rock ultimately is to help people find a great relationship with Yeshua and our wonderful Father. Do you what you have to do to spend more time with your Master Yeshua. You won’t regret it a million years from now.

What will you DO about this in your life? If this blog has touched you in some way to help you spend more time with your Maker and less time on Facebook, hallelujah. Praise Yah! (That’s what “Hallelujah” means.)

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