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Tweets and all that. Who do you follow?

If you’re under 50 you probably know what a “tweet” is.  I’ve been resisting them myself and have never “followed” anyone on Twitter.  I guess famous people are so important that they write a sentence or two every day and people with nothing better to do want to hang on their every word.  Some just have to know the latest thoughts of this rock star or that sports star or whatever.  That’s called “following” someone on Twitter, to those of you who haven’t kept up with this form of “social media”.  (Younger folks are saying “duh!”) 

But then yesterday I came up to a traffic signal and the car ahead of me had a simple bumper sticker:  “Don’t follow me….follow Jesus”.  Got me thinking.  That’s right. He’s my Leader, and I should follow Him, hang on HIS every word, and watch HIS every action in people’s lives and world affairs.  In fact I belong to Him, not to any other church leader or church or association or fellowship – though I may attend with various ones. 

Someone once said, “If it was a heinous crime to be a follower of Jesus (or Yeshua as I like to say), would there be enough evidence to convict you?”  Worth pondering, isn’t it?

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