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The Iran nuke deal. “Peace in our time”?

Just before World War II took off in earnest, Europe was very nervous about this new charismatic leader in Germany called Adolf Hitler.  Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Britain did some high level negotiating in Munich with Hitler and came back triumphantly proclaiming “Peace for our time.”  That was September 30, 1938.  Well, we know how well that ended up, don’t we? In less than a year, Hitler’s armies were invading Poland and World War II was well under way.   

Secretary of State Kerry basically said something similar recently.  I’m comparing his statement to that of Neville Chamberlain, yes – though World War II started soon after Chamberlain’s statement.  I’m not saying a world war is about to start, but I am saying the words sounded eerily similar to me.

Secretary Kerry also said this was but a prelude to a far greater treaty after six months. Chamberlain said just about the same thing! He said upon his return from Munich, “…in my view, this is only a prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace.”  If you heard Kerry live, as I did, this is eerily similar language.  God forbid the results be eerily similar as well!    

Secretary Kerry said this most recent Nuclear treaty with Iran will “provide peace in the region and for the world”, or something close to that.  We’ve opened the door for some sanctions to be eased.  They will be terribly hard to put back into place once we remove them, in spite of what you may hear. This treaty allows Iran to keep their heavy water reactor – a center producing plutonium -- in Arak.  They are not required to dismantle that facility!  There’s only one thing you can use plutonium for:  nuclear bombs. There’s NO peaceful use for plutonium!  So though Iran is supposed to hit the “pause” button on that reactor, we have not required them to hit the “delete” button, as Charles Krauthammer described it recently.  And we dare believe Iran’s regime which promises their nuclear dreams are for domestic and peaceful purposes?  That regime in Iran has not been our friend! Wake up, America and Israel! We’ve been dealing with thugs and the world’s #1 sponsor of worldwide terrorism.  (I speak of the regime, not the Iranian people.)

Read the rest of this short blog for hints of where Iran is mentioned in Bible prophecy, what could be some of the likely consequences of this terrible treaty and what this says about our regard for the nation of Israel.  It’s not pretty.


I’ll write more later --- but for now: 
•    Remember that Iran is Persia in the Bible. Persia is mentioned in prophecies involving end-time Israel.  Prophecies are clear: Persia is no friend of the nation state of Israel or of the United States – nor will be until long after Christ returns.  Persia is listed among the many nations that come against Israel in the end time.  This nuke “deal” was negotiated for Iran by a man who represented them in the UN and found numerous ways around the sanctions. Iran’s leadership has repeatedly called US and Israel the “great Satan” and “little Satan” and called for the extermination of Israel. Iran has been extremely active in promoting terrorism around the world, building IED’s that harm and kill U.S. soldiers and actively sends fighters into other conflicts against western interests.  Just last week, one of their leaders again called for the extermination of Israel and said one has to think of Zionists not as humans, but as rabid animals.  And these are the people we are trusting to show the world their peaceful uses of their enriched uranium?  

•    This dangerous treaty is highly likely to start a nuclear proliferation in the region sooner than later.  How long will it take before we see Egypt, the largest Arab country in terms of population wanting their own nuclear program – and once again, ostensibly for “peaceful purposes”?  And then what about Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq?  How safe will the region be if Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria end up with the most dangerous weapons in all of earth’s history—especially if they are headed by radical leaders intent on the destruction of Israel and America?  And for that matter, could Saudi Arabia and others just simply BUY a few nuclear bombs from that other staunch US ally – Pakistan?  (Pardon my sarcasm.)  We are watching the stage being set for nuclear war in the Middle East in our life time.

•    I believe the current US Administration has thrown Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel under the bus.  Israel’s cities, including Tel Aviv, are within striking range of Iran’s new missiles.  This is not going to end pretty for either side. Our Secretary of Defense said recently that we have nothing to fear from this.  Well, tell the Israelis that.  Before Christ returns to stop the madness, there will be massive death tolls and carnage on all sides, including in Israel.  
So what options does Israel have now?  The USA – at least this current administration – is not likely to join Israel in any preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities and their 19,000 centrifuges.   And if Israel does strike, what would Iran do?  How safe would Israel be from reprisals? How about our thousands of American troops, ships and interests all within striking range from Iran?  
 I believe this will initially have some semblance of success and peace – for a short time – then WHAM, sudden chaos and destruction. Iran is already accusing the USA of misstating what the terms of the treaty mean.  The horrors have just begun.  

As an aside, the Israeli Prime Minister’s NAME –Benjamin Netanyahu -- means “Son of my right hand –Yah’s gift”.  Is that mere coincidence that his name points to Yeshua, who is the real Son of God’s right hand and is God’s gift to mankind (John 3:16)!?  

Read Ezekiel 13:10-16 on your own please.  Then remember, Jeremiah put it succinctly:  “Peace, peace, but there is no peace”.  
Jeremiah 8:11
For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly,
Saying, 'Peace, peace!'
When there is no peace.
Pray—“thy kingdom come”.  Pray for the safety and protection of God’s people.  And pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Come, Messiah.  Come, come set up your kingdom and bring true peace on earth.

Thank God for Unanswered Prayers!
Are you seeing Yeshua (Jesus) throughout Scripture...


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