The gospel by Mark emphasizes Yeshua’s ministry and life as being that of a servant. He is our Servant King. We also must become servants of the Messiah and our Father – and of one another. We will serve – if He is living in us and active in our lives. If we seek Him, focus on him, learn about him and ask him to live, move and speak in us – he will serve.Because though our Yeshua is the coming King of kings, he is also the Servant of servants.

Check out the newest sermon on this site – Yeshua – The Servant King of kings.

There is so much more that could have been said about our calling to be a “servant of all” – of everyone. I found doing the study to be very instructive and corrective to me, the one who was getting ready to present it. I have a lot to learn about this and every subject. It was very humbling to realize how much more I have to still let Yeshua live in me. Maybe you’ll find the message helpful.

Here are some additional thoughts on serving that didn’t get into the sermon (ran out of time):

Changing a toddler’s diaper, or taking him to the bathroom when he’s already “done it” in his pants – not fun, but boy does your wife appreciate you doing it, for once.

The cross of Yeshua wasn’t fun either. It certainly did not feel good. It certainly was not convenient. It certainly had no glory. He did it anyway. It was a felon’s death by extremely painful slow execution and a shameful way to go. One was often nailed up there in his misery and stark naked—but my Savior did it for me and you because it was his greatest act of service: dying for you and me so we wouldn’t have to. Praise you, Yeshua. Wow, wow, wow. As we come nearer to Passover, praise you!

I wanted these thoughts to be added to the sermon on “Yeshua, our Servant King”. I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it. Only those who are first learning to be servants of all will be allowed to have rulership and authority. Kingship in the kingdom will be servant leadership.

There’s also a recent sermon on Yeshua, our High Priest. There are verses in Exodus 28 that will just come alive for you as you hear that message.

We focus on our Messiah and our Father in this website. What a great, great God we have. What a great, great Savior/Redeemer. Praise you Father. Praise you, Yeshua. Come live in us, Master – and give us your HEART, the new heart, the heart of a Servant. Amen.