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Quality time with your Father

I’m a father. I just love it when my daughter or son calls – especially if they just kinda want to talk. Or come over. Or want us to come over.  I love that.  Best of all is when one of the young grandkids call on the phone.  My grandson Grey sometimes phones and just blurts out, “Poppy! Turn on Skype! Let’s talk…” – then he hangs up, and of course we HAVE to get on Skype.  

Fathers love hearing from their children. It’s a crying shame how much fathers and mothers are dishonored today by so many. Some children won’t phone or reach out or come visit or touch base with parents. Looking back, I remember writing my mom every single sabbath eve while in college. I didn’t do that with my Dad though, and looking back, I’ve repented of that. It wasn’t right. I should have shown him my love with more frequent calls and letters.  I was studying in England at the time when my father called me to say he had some tickets for me to fly home for a few weeks to see my mom (they were divorced). I had 30 minutes to pack and get on the train. I asked him if I could see HIM.  He said he wasn’t sure, but what made MY day was when I landed in New York, my Dad was there. He loved to surprise us kids. What a glorious hour we had together. I’ll never forget my dad making the effort to meet up with me too.  He said it was because I had asked if I could see him somehow. He said that touched his heart.  I was too young – and not a father yet myself-- to realize how much fathers and mothers crave that love from their adult children. All too often parents are forgotten, unless they are needed for babysitting.

We also have a heavenly Father. When was the last time you spent quality time with Him?  Do we spend more time with Facebook or computer games or social media or TV – than with our dear Abba?  I’ll bet many of us do. If it’s not all that, maybe its non-stop work even til late into the evening (that’s my distraction).  When was the last time you went for a walk with Abba?  Abba (that’s our dear heavenly Daddy) is turning His heart to His children and we must, as His children, respond by turning our hearts back to Him. He wants your heart. All of it. He longs to hear from you. He loves knowing you love Him and think of Him often. We think of what we love!

Call out to your father. Lift up holy hands as you reach up to Him in prayer, as a little child does to its much-loved dad. As we lift up our hands, He is reaching down to us.  Life is about relationships. And the most important one is our relationship with Him. But remember, He won’t hear us if He knows we won’t reconcile with fellow humans first. That’s what Yeshua taught us over and over. Be kind to one another. Repent deeply when you’re not. And yes, I’ve done some repenting of the way I’ve missed the mark myself on that one.  

Now, as I said before, just do it. Call Him -- in prayer, in meditative walks.  Sing to Him. Praise Him. Open your heart to Him.  He is waiting to hear from YOU.  

When my children or grandchildren call my wife or me -- we both just beam, all day long.  May YOU make Abba’s face beam with joy. May His face shine upon you, and He will – if you just spend more time with Him, sharing your heart with Him.  So whether your earthly father or heavenly father:  turn your heart back to him.  Just do it….

A lesson from today's Torah reading: coming before...
It doesn't take much. Just do it. Call someone.


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