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It doesn't take much. Just do it. Call someone.

There are a lot of parents, uncles, nieces, aunts, grandmas and grandpas and – people – out there besides your family, who would love to hear from you. I just got off the phone calling my 85 year old uncle Ken in hospice care. He's had a tough life. We didn't talk long, but I am glad he got to hear me say that my siblings and I all love him and think of him and are praying for him. I think he felt loved by that call. My sister had called him a few days earlier. I think my other 2 siblings have talked with him recently too.

That got me thinking. Why don't we take 5 minutes more often to brighten someone else's day and just say, "You popped into my mind... and I just had to call and say 'hi'" – and let them know you love them. When someone receives an unexpected call, it makes them realize someone out there thinks of them once in a while. When's the last time you called your dad or mom? That old lady or gentleman down the road? Or someone who's "the black sheep" of your extended family? And if you know ANYONE in a nursing home – go by and visit, or at least call. Do that often. Maybe when your turn comes, Abba will reward your kindness today with kindnesses returned to you in the future.

Go ahead. Do it now. And I mean a phone call – not a text message. Especially if the one you're reaching out to is over 60, we're still used to hearing someone's voice. Truly young people, we wonder if some of you are losing the art of conversation with real give and take. Texting and Facebooking is not the same at all, though that's better than nothing. I see people walking on the street with their spouse and they're texting. I see people driving – and texting. I see people in restaurants and they're texting or checking facebook. Folks, what have we come to? For the life of me, if an EMP from the sun or enemy ever happens, and we lose the ability to use electricity and electronics, millions of people in the Western countries especially will be lost!

So call now, while you can. Write now, while you can. Say "I love you" to someone now, while you can. Maybe that person is your son or daughter. Do it, say it, even if they don't respond. You take the high road. Brighten someone's day.

And most of all – take time several times a day to say "hi" to your heavenly Father and to your Saviour as well. "Walk with God" literally. Go on a long quiet walk and just mouth some talking time to Abba. Be sure you don't move your lips too much or someone might think something's wrong (ha, ha) – but yes, Abba is waiting for us to say "hi" and to talk more to Him as well.

Just do it. It takes just minutes. I gotta go ... I can think of another uncle and others to call. After all, "By this" shall all people know you are a disciple of Christ, by your immense love for people (John 13:33-34) and this is one way to show that love.

Quality time with your Father
NOW….Experience the JOY of His Salvation


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