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FALL FEAST DATES 2013 – “Non-Postponed”

Many of you are wondering what the non-postponed dates for the Fall Feasts of Yehoweh are.  
Let me make a short explanation about “Postponed” and “Non-Postponed”.   In English, the word “postponed” usually means something is moved to a later date.  But in the holy day calendar business, “Postponement” just means God’s holyday dates were knowingly moved, and oddly enough – they’re intentionally moved 1-3 days earlier in most years.  It’s not a secret that the rabbis are moving the holydays as set by our Creator to something that fits their man-made rules. They call it “postponed” but usually move the dates to an earlier date than they normally would be.  

The rabbinic calendar was put together by rabbis who believed they had the right to decide when the holy days would be if the prescribed appointments with God interfered with their 4 rules. They follow FOUR man-made “Rules of Postponement” to guide them.  Those of us who believe no man can alter the dates God set in Leviticus 23 believe we should NOT move, or “postpone” HIS sacred appointments with us.  The feast days are divine appointments.  Would you tell a king or president that his appointment with you has to be changed for your convenience?  The holydays are appointments when the Family of God comes before Yehoweh to worship our great Father and Yeshua the Son of God. We should be scared to knowingly change His dates or divine appointments with His children.

A case in point:  the Fall holy days (not holidays) begin with the Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Teruah, the Day of Blasts and shouting.  The Bible nowhere calls it Rosh Hashanah by the way - - but Yom Teruah.  It’s supposed to be on the first day of the 7th Hebrew month (Leviticus 23:23-24). That means the first visible sliver of the new moon as seen in Jerusalem.   In the U.S., we say it is a “new moon” when there is no moon.  But most agree that in Bible parlance, a “new moon” is when the first visible crescent is visible with the naked unaided eye.  There has to be a central sighting point – so once again most believe it still should be based on the new moon sighting from Jerusalem.  After all God’s law comes forth out of Jerusalem!  So the dates I keep are based on the moon sighting in Jerusalem.  In many cases, as in this year, it’s a very, very predictable date.  

Read the rest of this short blog to find out the true, unchanged dates Yehoweh, our Great God, set as divine appointments with His children this year, 2013.  

The Rabbinic calendar used by scores of thousands of Christian feast-keepers as well as Jews, has their Feast of Trumpets this year falling on September 5, a Thursday.  That’s too early. The new moon won’t have appeared in Jerusalem yet, but they will still call THAT day the “first day of the 7th Hebrew month”.  Nonsense. It’s re-labeled, but it’s not the new moon.  Check your skies the eve of Sept 5 (end of Sept 4th).  Look for a new visible crescent.  If you see a faint crescent, it won’t be the new moon but the end of the old cycle, the waning moon. That’s NOT what God had mind! I’m hoping more and more pastors will have the courage to speak out on this.  Even most rabbis will agree that Hebrew months begin with the first visible crescent of the new moon, but in this case, as often happens most years, they MOVE the Feast of Trumpets to a more convenient date to suit their 4 laws of Postponements.  Someone please show me where any of those 4 rules are found in the Bible. They’re not. They’re a man-made tradition which goes against God’s clearly stated command to keep the Feast of Trumpets on the FIRST DAY of His 7th month.  For those of you who are new to all this, the first day of the Hebrew 7th month usually falls in our month of September.  (“Oddly enough”, even our month of “September” refers to 7th, “Sept”).  

So these are the dates on which I will be worshiping God along with a growing number of believers who take Yehoweh at His Word – and realize man has no business changing and relabeling His holy days. These are based on the moon in Jerusalem, not the local moon sightings here in America. Those who practice local moon sightings will observe the holydays one day earlier than those of us who base it on what will be seen in Jerusalem.  I will go by the Jerusalem dates.  The holy days begin with sundown the evening before and end at sundown as well.  I will use man’s calendar dates so everyone knows what I’m referring to.

Feast of Trumpets                           Sept 8 “Sunday”. 2013 
Fast of Atonement (the true Yom Kippur date)          September 17 a “Tuesday”

First day of the Feast of Tabernacles             Sunday, September 22, 2013
The 8th Day Festival                        Sunday, September 29

It’s hard for some to keep the holy days on the true dates because so many of their family and friends are stuck on the changed Hebraic Rabbinic calendar. They want to keep the Feast together, as a family, so when it comes down to it, most decide not to “rock the boat” and keep the status quo. Too many people are just going along without even knowing about the 4 rules of postponement, and that men have arbitrarily changed the dates of God’s appointments.  They openly admit to doing so.

So I ask again:  can we really change HIS divine appointments with us as defined and scheduled in Leviticus 23 and other places?  


So we find many believers in Christ keep the Rabbinic calendar.  And yet most of my Church of God friends who claim to keep the rabbinic Hebrew calendar still won’t follow ALL the Rabbinic calendar’s other points – like the day they keep Passover, or Pentecost, for example.  I’ll soon give a sermon showing you how boldly the rabbis have done what Yeshua said: they voided God’s Law by their endless man-made traditions.  Follow the Word of God, not Jewish traditions. God’s word says to keep the feasts, and the early church did, and so I do too. But I hope you will keep them on the dates Almighty God set, starting with the new moon in Jerusalem on the eve of September 8, Sunday—the Feast of Trumpets. The new moon will be sighted on what we call Saturday night, Sept 7, beginning the Feast of Trumpets (sundown to sundown).  

This website is full of Fall Feast sermons from previous years.  I hope you will review them.  
Hear the sermon too, about which day is the true Last Great Day of the Feast.  Many think it’s the 8th day after the Feast begins, but is it?  Check out the sermons on that and find out for yourself.  Send this blog to others you think may appreciate knowing.  But be prepared: most will give you a thousand reasons why you should leave well enough alone. But aren’t we to prove all things, and understand what we’re doing?  But most will be happy to leave the calendar to those who understand such things, and to their pastor.  But the bottom line:  will you be at God’s divine appointments on the dates HE set – or that man changed them to?       

So now you know the Fall holyday dates I’m keeping this year along with scores of thousands of others.  What you’re doing is between you and your heavenly Father – and I pray you and your family will have a wonderful, inspiring, glorious Fall holyday feast season – the Season of our Joy. 

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